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Freelancing with development workflow

What is Gitpay?

We offer a marketplace for developersand platforms that use git for on demand project needs, using the Git Workflow as contract to deliver issues solved and be rewarded for contribute.

  • You can complete tasks with open collaboration and receive bounties for it
  • Companies can receive reports, fixes and enhancements about the project by developers and offer bounties to complete required tasks

Who is contributing

Join the team

Join the Gitpay team


  • Node.js (currently at v8.6.0)
  • React with webpack

Running tests

To run the test: npm run migrate-test (first time)

npm run test (to run the tests)

Env to do some actions

For fully integration with api services used by the platform, you will need the api keys. You should make a copy of your .env.example to .env with the right credentials. Please let me know if you need any of those to solve a issue (mail


Install postgres

  1. install: brew install postgres (mac)
  2. start the service: brew services start postgresql
  3. create postgres user: createuser postgres -s
  4. Login into postgres cli: psql -U postgres
  5. Create test database: create database gitpay_test;
  6. Create a dev database: create database gitpay_dev;
  7. Exit: \q

Run migration

To run the migrations

npm run migrate

To create a new migration

sequelize migration:create --name modelname

Run project

Frontend server

npm run dev

Backend (node.js)

npm run start:dev

Then you can access at http://localhost:8082



  • Docker Engine
  • Docker Compose




Arch Linux / Manjaro / Antergos


  • Docker and Docker Compose: sudo pacman -S docker docker-compose


Development environment
Test environment
  • Run docker-compose -f docker-compose.test.yml up

First timers

Here you can start to learn how to create your first pull request and start to be a contributor: Prerna Verma I Gede Wicaksana


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