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alexanmtz Truppie places search products (#139)
* a whole flow almost complete from a home search to get some external product offer

* not exposing places api

* fixing some last issues with style, indexing and logic to display the currency

* fixing tests
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truppie logo

The trupe hippie chic exploring adventures platform:

Become a Truppist!

Welcome to the Truppie platform!

Here you will know how to contribute to this project.

What is Truppie?

Truppie is a platform that connects tour guides with explorers, nature-lovers.

It is an Open Source project and is developed by coders like you!
Any developer from anywhere in the world can contribute with the platform and be assigned to do the issues.

Truppie is safe, we use SSL for all transactions.

How it works

1. You choose the issue;
2. If you have the requirements, we assign it to you;
3. You send a pull request;
4. We analyze your code;
5. If it is good to merge, the code goes to production;
6. You get paid for it.

If you are not a developer, you can also contribute to the project and be paid for it! How? By:
1. Suggesting improvements in the platform;
2. Requesting a bug fix.

We have a Contribution Guideline to guide you to how contribute with content and code.


Run the Rails server for development

docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up

Run the regular tests (unit and integration)

docker-compose -f docker-compose-test.yml up

Run the Cucumber tests

docker-compose -f docker-compose-test-e2e.yml up


As a developer, you can learn with a collaborative platform!

Be paid on demmand for new features, bug fixes and improvements on the project.


To work with us as a developer, you need to work well with TDD and BDD.

For inform a bug

With you want to give feedback about bugs, you can open a issue describing:
1. Which URL the bug happens
2. What you would tried to do (action perfomed)
2. Date and time
3. Error message (if any)

Env variables to secure our working

- Postgres 9.4.5
- When you have the project installed, you can request the development env variables.



- Better menu indication for guide admin
- Better support for turbolinks
- Update Rails
- Follow organizer
- Notify guide when user get interested in past tour
- Guidebooks created by a super admin
- Docker container in development (thanks [@lucianojfj](
- Cucumber specs testing a basic user reservation flow


This release we make the platform more stable and test with our first client.

So we make the platform more independent to tour guide, as well as giving the admin more controll over the platform.

We create a first prototype of our guidebook, that will support tour guides that can be send and selled for a user.

So we make a lot of improvements including:

  • Invite guides in our e-mail marketing

  • Visualize tours better on admin interface from a list

  • Account and bank account issues to recognize a verified account

  • Value suggested by user (thanks to @hugohernani)

  • A lot of permission bugs and conflit between admin accounts

  • Truppies on maps to explore (thanks to

  • Improve in Truppie places, but will deserve a release just for that

  • Release of using Githup Pages that makes a open source documentation acessible

  • Get our Truppie Devs members. We are almost 100!


The Truppie platform open for guides registration.

A version with guides registration, tour linked to places that has it's own landing page.

So in this release is possible:

  • The guide create a simple account

  • The guide can create a account to link with bank account

  • The guide after has his account verified he can receive the transfers

  • A lot of bug fixes

  • Multi-language support