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Requires Ruby 2.5+

Build Status

Build Status


0. Prerequisite Software

1. Getting the Sources

Fork and clone repository:

  1. Login to your GitHub account or create one by following the instructions given here.
  2. Fork the main repository.
  3. Clone your fork of the repository and define an upstream remote pointing back to the main repository that you forked in the first place.
# Clone your GitHub repository:
git clone<github username>/

# Go to the directory:

# Add the main repository as an upstream remote to your repository:
git remote add upstream

2. Install the project dependencies

# install bundler as ruby package manager
gem install bundler
# install the project depdencies defined int the Gemfile
bundle install

3. Run the jekyll instance

# start the web page at http://localhost:4000
bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental

4. Update/Pull shared module

We're using a git submodule to share files like templates, images and themes across all workshops_de portals. Use following command to pull and update the repository including submodule.

$ git pull --recurse-submodules

5. Pull Request

Createa a Pull Request to describe and propose your changes to this repository. If you don't know what Pull Requests(PR) all about you should check out this article.