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RPGLE runtime for .NET Core
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An RPGLE runtime for .NET Core. With this runtime you can run totally free-format RPG code on any system that can run .NET Core.

See wiki for more information.

🔥 Features

  • Fully free-format RPG only: write all the latest RPG code in fully free-format.

  • Data-types and complex structures: A majority of the data-types are supported and complex data-structures work too!

  • Full procedure support: Use procedures with parameters by ref, const or value. It all works!

  • Full ILE support: Want to call a procedure from another module? No problem.

  • Display file support: While not everything is supported, we have the base for display file support.

💾 Installation

  1. Clone repo
  2. Open folder in vscode
  3. Execute dotnet restore to fetch the deps.
  4. Execute project to run unit tests.

💻 Usage

  • Launch NetRPG.dll from the command line:
$ alias netrpg="dotnet bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.0/NetRPG.dll"
$ netrpg RPGCode/op_dsply.rpgle
Hello world
  • Change launch.json in vscode to pass in a parameter to NetRPG.dll: "args": ["RPGCode/dcl_file_exfmt9.rpgle"]
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