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@luizaandrade luizaandrade released this Feb 5, 2019 · 52 commits to master since this release

We have released a new package, iefieldkit, with commands that address common taks and issues of data collection. ieduplicates and iecompdup were transferred to iefieldkit.

We will keep developing commands for data management and analysis in ietoolkit.

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@kbjarkefur kbjarkefur released this Nov 19, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release


In v6.0 a bug was discovered and reported in issue #171. This bug did NOT cause incorrect results but was still classified as a major bug as it caused the command iebaltab to crash if the option weights was used. For all major bugs we always solve the bug and publish the a new version of ietoolkit as quickly as possible.

Other issues included in this release

  • Broken link in iebaltab helpfile #168
  • Improve error message for incorrect Excel file input in ieduplicates #166
  • Add option to suppress stars in ieddtab table #165
  • Add column numbers (and option to suppress them) in ieddtab #161
  • Add option to include weights in ieddtab #160
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@kbjarkefur kbjarkefur released this Oct 29, 2018 · 103 commits to master since this release

ietookit version 6.0

New command


  • New command that runs diff-in-diff regressions and presents results in tables - #135, #158

Major updates


  • Fixed issue with using time variable as ID var. This is commonly used to test that the same form (with or without the same responses) is not used for multiple submissions. Since this command uses Excel to export reports, and Stata and Excel store date and times slightly differently, the command often ran into errors when testing for duplicates in start time. The command was re-written to no longer have issues with this. The only change noticeable to the users is that the required option uniquevars() is no longer allowed to include numeric variables stored in date format. #146.


  • Adding the option to add labels to all graph bars with the y-axis value of the bar #142

Minor updates and fixes

  • iebaltab: Reference to old command name in link #137.
  • ietoolkit: Broken link to wiki page #139.
  • iefolder: Add folder /deidentified to /DataSets for raw de-identified data #145.
  • ieduplicates: Test that names used in Excel report is not used in data - partial fix to #145.
  • all commands: New format for credit section at the end of help file #153.

Additionally, a lot of proofreading of help files and error messages in the code.

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@luizaandrade luizaandrade released this May 2, 2018 · 274 commits to master since this release

ietookit version 5.5

Major updates


  • Made display of t-tests optional (nottest) and added an option to display normalized differences (normdiff). These are fixes to issue #109.
  • Added an option to display F-test of joint orthogonality (feqtest). This is a fix to issue #121.

ietoolkit: New command that returns information on the version of ietoolkit installed. This is a fix to issue #124.

iegitaddmd: Added option to use a customized placeholder file. This is a fix to issue #118.

iematch: Added option to cap the number of matches to each target observation. This is a fix to issue #112.

Minor updates and fixes

iebaltab: added option stdev to helpfile. This is a fix to issue #122.

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@luizaandrade luizaandrade released this Dec 20, 2017 · 346 commits to master since this release

ietookit version 5.4

Major updates


  • Fixed bug that prevented the command from running properly. This is a fix to issue #110
  • Added a replace option that saves new matches over others already created by the command, allowing users to run the command multiple times from the console. This is a fix to issue #111

Minor updates and fixes

  • ieduplicates
  • iefolder
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@kbjarkefur kbjarkefur released this Nov 20, 2017 · 364 commits to master since this release

ietookit version 5.3

Major updates

Added the option to better organize project folders by creating subfolders that are linked in the master do-file and that rounds can be created in by iefolder. This is a fix to issue #92

iegitaddmd - new command
GitHub does not sync empty folders, but in research it is often important to share folder structures between collaborators. iegitaddmd adds a file in all empty subfolders to the folder specified when running the command. This is a fix to #96 and #102. The name is it is a special name recognized by GitHub, and the content of the files are displayed in the browser to anyone viewing that folder online. Adding a file to folders in a repo is a great practice so iegitaddmd has the option all that makes the command adding the file to all folders, not just the empty ones (issue #101).

Minor updates

  • iedropone - #100
  • ieboilstart - #99

Partial fix

  • iebaltab - #65

Won't fix

  • iefolder - #97
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ietoolkit version 5.2

Version 5.2 includes the updates listed below. Click the highlighted numbers to get to the discussion of the fix and to see the code.

iefolder :

  • Added task master do-file in import. Issue #71
  • Creates a subfolder for HFC in the the encrypted round #72
  • Includes root file path globals in round level master do files. So cleaning, analysis etc. for that round can be run directly from round level master do files. #80.
  • Add unit globals to the round maseter do files. #84
  • Removed IDMasterKey subfolder in encrypted. #89

iegraph :

  • Added basictitle() option for iegraph title. #73
  • Added options to put bargraph graph options using the BARoption() option. #75.
  • Changing significance levels on confidence interval(confintval()) #76.
  • yzero() now works when all values are positive and also when all are negative. #82
  • Also tests that dummies are valid dummies i.e. only one treatment for one observation or checks for difference in difference. #83.
  • File name could not have a "." in the name. Now it is allowed .#79.

iebaltab :

  • Text wrapping when long varlabels are used. #78.
  • File names cannot have "." in the name. #79
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@kbjarkefur kbjarkefur released this Jun 1, 2017 · 477 commits to master since this release

Version v5.0 had a bug on Mac computers in iefolder. That bug is solved in this version. This was issue #69

Also, issue #23 in ieduplicates is now addressed.

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New command iefolder that set up the data work folders in a project folder according to DIME's best practice.

Updates to how iebaltab is exporting LaTeX files. The new default is to export it without caption and label, similarly to how estout and other commands export similar files.

Several minor updates to the other commands and help files in this package.

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@kbjarkefur kbjarkefur released this Apr 25, 2017 · 592 commits to master since this release

New commands: iedropone and iegraph

iegraph creates bar graphs on the based on the coefficients of treatment dummies in regression results. This command is developed for reading stored results of from two types of impact evaluation regression models, but there are countless of other examples where the command also can be used.

iedropone checks that no more or fewer observations than intended are dropped. For example, in the case that one observation has been identified to be dropped, then we want to make sure that when re-running the do-file no other observations are dropped even if more observations are added to that data set or changed in any other way.

Minor updates and fixes:

Contributions from: @luizaandrade, @mrimal and @kbjarkefur

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