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import server
from atlas import Operation, Entity
# Flammable entities can burn. When they receive an "consume" op of type "fire" they will lose some status
# (if they have a status prop) and nourish the flame.
class Flammable(server.Thing):
def consume_operation(self, op):
if len(op) > 0:
arg = op[0]
if arg.consume_type == "fire":
# Determine the burn speed, i.e. how much to remove of the status for each burn
burn_speed = 0.1
burn_speed_prop = self.props._burn_speed
if burn_speed_prop:
burn_speed = burn_speed_prop
nourish_ent = Entity()
nourish_ent.consume_type = arg.consume_type
nourish_op = Operation("nourish", nourish_ent, to=op.from_)
status_prop = self.props.status
if status_prop:
return server.OPERATION_BLOCKED, nourish_op, \
Operation("set", Entity(, {"status!subtract": burn_speed}), to=self)
return server.OPERATION_BLOCKED, nourish_op