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import server
from atlas import Operation, Entity
# Nourishable entities that receive nourishment and increase their '_nutrients' value.
class Nourishable(server.Thing):
def nourish_operation(self, op):
# Get the mass of the contained arg, convert it to nutrient through _modifier_eat* properties,
# and increase the "_nutrients" property.
# Check any limits on the amount of nutrient we can contain in our stomach/reserves
# through the _nutrients_max prop too.
if len(op) > 0:
arg = op[0]
if hasattr(arg, 'mass'):
# print('mass {}'.format(arg.mass))
# Check if we can convert to nutrient through the _modifier_eat property.
# We also check if there are specific values for herbivores and omnivores
# (_modifier_consume_type_meat and _modifier_consume_type_plant)
consume_factor = 0
if self.props._modifier_eat:
consume_factor = self.props._modifier_eat
if hasattr(arg, 'consume_type'):
if self.props["_modifier_consume_type_" + arg.consume_type]:
consume_factor = self.props["_modifier_consume_type_" + arg.consume_type]
# print("consume factor {}".format(consume_factor))
if consume_factor != 0:
nutrient = 0
if self.props._nutrients:
nutrient = self.props._nutrients
nutrient_new = nutrient + (arg.mass * consume_factor)
# Check if there's a limit to the nutrient we can contain in our stomach
if self.props._nutrients_max_factor and self.props.mass:
nutrient_new = min(self.props._nutrients_max_factor * self.props.mass, nutrient_new)
if nutrient_new != nutrient:
return server.OPERATION_BLOCKED, \
Operation("set", Entity(, _nutrients=nutrient_new), to=self)