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libwfut is a C++ implementation of the client side of the WorldForge Update Tool (WFUT). The aim of this library is to provide update capabilities for C++ based clients. As an example of library usage, a command line update tool is also provided.


If you intend to build this as a prerequisite for the Ember client or the Cyphesis server we strongly suggest that you use the Hammer tool to compile it. This is script provided by the Worldforge project which will download and install all of the required libraries and components used by Worldforge.

Alternatively you can use Conan to install all dependencies.

conan remote add worldforge
mkdir build && cd build
conan install ../tools/conan --build missing
cmake ..
make -j all install

Otherwise the library can most easily be built through the following commands.

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j all install


The test suite can be built and run using the check target. For example:

make check

API documentation

If Doxygen is available API documentation can be generated using the dox target. For example:

make dox


This library used tinyxml ( to parse the XML documents and libcurl ( to download files. Tinyxml is embedded in the library, with the source being kept in the tinyxml subdir. The only difference between this version and the original version is the addition of the WFUT namespace to avoid potential conflicts with other embedded tinyxml versions.

libwfut is split up into a number of classes. There are a number of XML reading and writing classes (FileParser, FileWriter and ChannelParser). These perform the basic I/O operations on the file listings. The IO class handles all of the file downloading. This wraps round the curl library. The final main class is the WFUTClient class which wraps up the other classes and manages determining what files to update.

libwfut allows two modes of file download. The first mode is a blocking download. A call to WFUTClient::downloadFile with a source URL and destination filename.This function will return when the download completes successfully, or fails for some reason.

The second mode places multiple files in a download queue. The queue is processed a bit at a time by calling the poll function. Signals are fired when a download completes successfully or fails for some reason.

How to help

If you're interested in helping out with development you should check out these resources:


Assets sync and update tool for the Worldforge MMORPG system.




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