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%define name sear-updater
%define version 20040714
%define release 1
Summary: Sear - an 3D client for Worldforge
Name: %{name}
Version: %{version}
Release: %{release}
# TODO make sure this is correct
License: GPL
Group: Amusements/Games
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/build-%{name}
BuildArchitectures: noarch
Requires: sear >= @VERSION@
Sear is a 3D client for MMORPGs using the Worldforge system.
written by Simon Goodall <>
This is the updater for use with Sear
rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_datadir}/sear
cp WFUT.jar $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_datadir}/sear
rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
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