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2012-11-06 Al Riddoch <>
* Symbol visibility has been implemented to improve runtime link time.
2009-12-10 Simon Goodall <>
* README: Point reader to parse_error.cpp/h rather than
2009-12-10 Simon Goodall <>
* varconf/Config.h: Remove deprecated header file.
2009-12-09 Simon Goodall <>
* varconf/config.h, varconf/Config.h, varconf/config.cpp,
varconf/variable.cpp, varconf/variable.h: Make various methods const.
2009-12-07 Simon Goodall <>
* varconf/Config.h: Update doc for readFromFile and writeToFile.
2009-09-19 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/config.cpp: Add support for the way environ is declared in
2009-09-13 Al Riddoch <>
* Don't install doc files. Just not needed.
*, Add a spec file for windows
build using mingw.
2009-03-23 Al Riddoch <>
* Update the version to 0.6.6.
* NEWS: Update for release.
* Fix the packager email address.
* Release 0.6.6. Interface version 6.0.0.
2008-11-18 Al Riddoch <>
* Use LIBS as it should be, not LDFLAGS.
2008-11-08 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/config.cpp: Clean up parentheses. Change the type of an
iterator to int, otherwise it causes warnings.
2008-11-07 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/config.cpp: Fix really horribly broken code which was
checking whether a char * was equal to "".
2008-11-07 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/config.h: Merge the old content of Config.h into the lower
case file to get rid of the case clash on MacOS.
* varconf/config.cpp, varconf/dyntypes.cpp, varconf/varconf.h:
Include config.h with the lower case filename.
2008-06-01 Alexey Torkhov <>
* Fixing library to compile under GCC 4.3.
2007-01-13 Al Riddoch <>
* Release 0.6.5. Interface version 6.0.0.
2007-01-13 Al Riddoch <>
* Tweak the rpm spec a little.
2007-01-13 Al Riddoch <>
* tests/conftest.cpp: Add assert include missing from the test that
uses assert.
2007-01-12 Al Riddoch <>
* Increment version number. Remove conflicts, as
we don't really have a conflict.
* Don't conflict with earlier versions of sigc++.
2006-10-12 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/Config.h, varconf/config.cpp, varconf/dynbase.cpp,
varconf/dynbase.h, varconf/dyncmp.cpp, varconf/dyncmp.h,
varconf/dyntypes.cpp, varconf/dyntypes.h, varconf/parse_error.cpp,
varconf/parse_error.h, varconf/variable.cpp, varconf/variable.h:
Update the copyright statements with current maintainer.
2006-08-31 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/variable.cpp: Simplify equality check.
2006-08-31 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/config.cpp: Avoid resetting an item if it is already set
to the value given.
2006-04-11 Simon Goodall <>
* varconf/variable.cpp: Escape backslash characters.
2006-02-19 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/Config.h, varconf/variable.h, tests/conftest.cpp:
Update usage of sigc++ to the native 2.0 API rather than the
deprecated compatability API. Eleminate the manual disconnection
code for deleted objects, as this is now handled automatically by
2006-01-16 Al Riddoch <>
* Release 0.6.4. Interface version 6.0.0.
2006-01-04 Al Riddoch <>
* Remove support for obsolete sigc++-1.2.
* Add libsigc++20-devel to devel rpm.
2006-01-03 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/Config.h: Make the default scope of setItem be INSTANCE,
for API compatibility.
2005-12-12 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/variable.h, varconf/variable.cpp,
varconf/dyntypes.h, varconf/dyntypes.cpp,
varconf/Config.h, varconf/config.cpp: Add scope to settings to
make it easier to manage user and commandline settings
separatly from each other.
* tests/conftest.cpp: Add testing for the scoping mods.
* varconf/config.h: New header which just include Config.h.
Config.h will be deprecaed soon.
2005-04-30 Al Riddoch <>
* Include a bug report address, set cross-compile host
correctly and clean up.
2005-04-23 Al Riddoch <>
* Release 0.6.3. Interface version 4.0.0, or 5.0.0 with sigc++ 2.0.
2005-04-23 Al Riddoch <>
* AUTHORS: Update AUTHORS file to reflect the current maintainers.
* NEWS: Add new item for 0.6.3 release.
* Remove BuildRequires as it doesn't have any real
requirements. Some cleanups.
2005-04-23 Al Riddoch <>
*,, Remove
VARCONF_PACKAGE and VARCONF_VERSION and use the standard
PACAKGE and VERSION variables. Switch to bz2 compression for
the rpm source package.
2005-04-22 Al Riddoch <>
* Clean up and modernise autoconf usage. Remove
maintainer mode. Increment version in interface numbers ready
for 0.6.3 release.
* Remove requirements for sigc++ packages, as the
package names vary and break the requirements in a really annoying
2005-01-10 Simon Goodall <>
* varconf/config.cpp, varconf/Config.h: Make findItem, findSection and
find const.
2004-12-31 Al Riddoch <>
* Update spec with License URL Package Vendor
and Distribution tags.
2004-11-13 Al Riddoch <>
* tests/conftest.cpp: Fix a couple of places to work with sigc++2.
Cleanup namespace use generally.
2004-11-11 Ron Steinke <>
* varconf/config.cpp: Initialize Config::m_instance to 0, instead
of leaving it uninitialized.
2004-10-06 Al Riddoch <>
* Release 0.6.2. Interface version 2.0.0, or 3.0.0 with sigc++ 2.0.
2004-10-05 Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/variable.h: Add an accessor function explicitly making
a variable available as string, to get round nasty impicit
conversion rules in modern C++ compilers.
2004-10-03 Al Riddoch <>
* Reverse the order of configure checks, so sigc++ 2.0 is detected
first. Better in the long run.
* varconf/Config.h, varconf/config.cpp, varconf/dynbase.cpp,
varconf/dynbase.h, varconf/dyncmp.cpp, varconf/dyncmp.h,
varconf/dyntypes.cpp, varconf/dyntypes.h, varconf/parse_error.cpp,
varconf/parse_error.h, varconf/variable.cpp, varconf/variable.h:
Clean up the code moving virtual function definitions out of
the headers, making the style more consistent.
2004-10-02 Al Riddoch <>
* Add configure check for sigc++ 2.0, make the pkgconfig file
conflict with packages which require the other version of
sigc++, and update rpm spec so it works with either.
2004-09-30 Al Riddoch <>
* Move to, adding in checks for sigc++-2.0 if
1.2 is not available.
* varconf/Config.h, varconf/config.cpp: Return the index
of the first cmdline argument which is not an option.
2004-06-06 Al Riddoch <>
* Fix invocation of configure in rpm spec.
* Fix devel dependencies in rpm spec.
Tuesday, 10th December, 2004, Kai Blin <>
* fixed documentation in, it was installing the docs
without asking where to put them.
Friday, 19th December, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* Remove Serial from rpm spec as it is not required, and messes up
* Increment version to 0.6.1, interface version 2.0.0 and release.
Saturday, 22nd November, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/variable.h, varconf/variable.cpp: Make operator std::string()
const, so it can be used on a const object.
Friday, 21st November, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* varconf/config.cpp, varconf/Config.h: Clean up accessing
config to use std::map::find() when apropriate. Add functions
to query and retrieve sections.
Sunday, 19th October, 2003, James Turner <>
* Add ProjectBuilder project, which current relies on a
SigC++ 1.2 framework which I'll make available on
FTP if people poke me (it requires some source modifications)
* Add __APPLE__ specific code to config.cpp, to deal with the
fact the C runtime doesn't export the 'environ' symbol to
dylibs (i.e, a framework build). The fix comes from Tcl, by
way of guile, and Google.
Saturday, 20th September, 2003, Ron Steinke <>
* Workaround for buggy win32 atof().
Thursday, 3rd July, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* Update rpm spec to be cleaner, and make the technical sections
more generic.
Friday, 25th June, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* Make test program a check_PROGRAMS, so its not compiled by default.
Monday, 2nd June, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* Move to requiring sigc++ 1.2.
* Move to pkgconfig completely.
* varconf/config.cpp, varconf/variable.cpp: Fix a couple of warnings.
* Increment version to 0.6.0, interface version 1.0.0 and release.
Friday, 17th April, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* Fix up headers for clean handling, and portability.
Friday, 30th January, 2003, Al Riddoch <>
* Added mechanism to differentiate between varconf built
against sigc++ 1.0 and 1.2, and use pkg-config to
detect the 1.2 version.
Friday, 13th December, 2002, Michael Koch <>
* Added manpage for varconf-config.
Monday, 2nd September, 2002, Al Riddoch <>
* Increment version to 0.5.4
* Release 0.5.4
Sunday, 11th August, 2002, Ron Steinke <>
* Fixed Variable's copy constructor to work properly
with the changes in the ref counting code
Sunday, 11th August, 2002, Al Riddoch <>
* Integrated patch by Ron Steinke to remove dependancy on
sigc++ 1.0.x internals. Modified configure script and includes
to be compatable with sigc++ 1.2.
Tuesday, 6th August, 2002, Simon Goodall <>
* fixed varconf/config.cpp so parseStream now allows - and _ characters in a section name instead of throwing an exception.
Saturday, 20th June, 2002, Al Riddoch <>
* Add --enable-debug to
* Use rpm supplied compiler flags in spec.
* Increment version, and release
Saturday, 20th June, 2002, Michael Koch <>
* Depend on sigc++ >= 1.0.2
* cleaned up
Monday, 10th June, 2002, Al Riddoch <>
* Fixed rpm spec into two different packages, and corrected generation
of interface version.
Wednesday, May 21 2002, Michael Koch (man-di)
* tests/ make tests link
Wednesday, May 21 2002, Michael Koch (man-di)
* Updated AUTHORS file
* Made some text files more readable
* removed generated file from CVS
Saturday, May 11 2002, Joel Schander (nullstar)
* Added comments after member functions in Config.h. Wasn't clear
on purpose of setParameterLookup() so didn't add anything.
Friday, March 19 2002, Martin Pollard
* Fixed one of variable.cpp's operator<<'s doesn't
seem to be in use right now anyway.
Friday, March 08 2002, James Turner
* Added varconf-config and varconf.m4, plus configure
* Bumped the version up
* Set the .so version correctly, thanks to WFMath /
Ron Steinke for the help/
* Tweaked makefiles (using builddir when then they
should have been using srcdir) and .cpp files (using
< > includes when they should have been using "..").
* make distcheck works cleanly.
Wednesday, Decemer 18, 2001 -- Al Riddoch <>
* C++ compliance fixes, for compiling under gcc v3.
Sunday, November 11, 2001 -- Ron Steinke <>
* variable.h, variable.cpp, dynbase.h: Added the capacity for
Variable to hold an array of Variable (really vector<Variable>)
* variable.h, variable.cpp: Added operator=(const char*),
previously had both char* and std::string as constructors
but only std::string as an assignment operator
Wednesday, November 7, 2001 -- Ron Steinke <>
* dynvar.h: Forgot the "inline" keyword. Oops.
Wednesday, November 7, 2001 -- Ron Steinke <>
* Changed the Variable class to a smart pointer to its old implementation,
essentially %s/Variable/VarBase/g, then wrote a new Variable class
based on SigC::Handle with the Variable API added.
+ added dynbase.h, dynbase.cpp, dyntypes.h, dyntypes.cpp,
dyncmp.h, dyncmp.cpp, dynvar.h; these provide derived types
of VarBase which dynamically depend on the configuration
variables in Config::inst(), the user interface (for most
purposes) consists of the functions in dynvar.h which
deal only with class Variable
+ added doc/.cvsignore, doc/old/.cvsignore to ignore Makefile,
* modified tests/.cvsignore to ignore .libs directory
* modified varconf/.cvsignore to ignore new .lo objects
* modified to add new header files
Saturday, August 4, 2001 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* fixed outdated information, formatting and wording in README.
* minor fixes to config.cpp
Sunday, May 27, 2001 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
+ added
* fixed some problems with varconf.spec
+ added doc/
+ added doc/old/
* updated AM_PATH_SIGC macro to latest version (sigc++ 1.0.3)
* overhauled and all
* updated varconf version to 0.5.0
Saturday, May 19, 2001 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Changed license of varconf to LGPL.
Tuesday, December 12, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Config.h: Added "super-verbose" callback.
* Config.h: Added << operator.
* Config.h: Added >> operator.
* Config.h: Added == operator.
* Config.h: Made constructors non-protected.
* Config.h: Added error signal.
* config.cpp: Redirected all error messages through error signal.
* parse_error.h: Added string() operator.
* variable.h: Added == operator.
* conftest.cpp: Rewrote to take advantage of Config objects.
Sunday, December 10, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
+ added varconf.h
Thursday, November 2, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Config.h: Added generalized accessor methods
* Implemented generalized accessor methods
* Finished getEnv clean-up.
* Finished getCmdline clean-up.
Monday, October 23, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Removed Observer code.
* Converted callbacks to libsigc++.
* Config.h: Added declarations for libsigc++ callbacks.
* Config.h: Removed old callback methods.
- deleted
- deleted Observer.h
- deleted varconf.h
- deleted conf_format
Friday, October 20, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Added section support to command-line arguments.
Wednesday, October 18, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Cleaned env variable code; added support for prefixes
Tuesday, October 17, 2000 -- Joseph A. Zupko <>
* Implemented handling of environment variables.
ChangeLog for conftest
Fri Dec 24 09:30:32 UTC 1999 -- sdt <>
* Variable.h, Added conversion constructor for char*
* Config.h: Added register and unregister functions for callbacks
* Implemented register and unregister functions for callbacks
* Implemented notification of changes via callbacks
* Added demonstration of callbacks
Fri Dec 24 04:13:37 UTC 1999 -- sdt <>
+ added AUTHORS
* Fixed some minor parser errors
* Modified the configuration test again
* conf.cfg: Modified example file
* Observer.h, Changed return value of getValue() to be non-const
Fri Dec 24 02:58:24 UTC 1999 -- sdt <>
+ added Observer.h
+ added
* Observer.h: Added class interface for configuration observer
* Added class implementation for configuration observer
* Config.h: Added register and unregister functions for observer
* Implemented register and unregister functions
* Modified setItem() to use observers
* Added Observer demonstration
* Variable.h: Added operator<<(ostream&, Variable&) as friend
* Implemented output operator for Variables through ostreams
* Removed temporary output operator for Variables
Fri Nov 26 12:55:38 UTC 1999 -- sdt <>
* ChangeLog: Fixed up the entry below a bit (cough)
* Fixed unquoted value parsing a bit
* Fixed quoting in Config::writeToFile()
Wed Nov 24 13:11:40 UTC 1999 -- sdt <>
+ added THANKS
+ added README
+ added TODO
+ added ChangeLog
* implemented Variable::is_double()
* Variable.h: Fixed a few warnings
* added return statements to operator=()'s (oops)
* implemented Config::writeToFile()
* uses Config::writeToFile() now