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Some tests for non-functional testing - you can copy these test to any your perl project

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This is set of perl tests for test code quality, if all test passes we know that:
- module have valid syntax and have strict and warnings pragmas
- module have only unix line endings and not have whitespaces in the end of line
- module have no FIXME notes
- module have no soft breakpoints for perl debugger
- module have no tabs
- module is conform to our coding style (=perltidy config)
- module distribution looks good to upload to cpan
- module has portable file names
- code units in module have required cyclomatic complexity and required lines of code
- module code is conform to Perl Best Practice recommendation from Perl::Critic
- module has POD and it is valid
- POD cover all methods
- POD is written on valid human language
- the tests written for module cover needed percent of code

And we can test that module methods have no memory leaks

git clone
cd perl-test-code-quality-template/
perl Makefile.PL
make manifest
make test

# if you make your module based on this you can install it by
make install
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