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Worldsmith is a World Building Platform: a Unity framework with template database to organize and import your world, and tools to visualize, explore, simulate and gamify it.

With a pre-configured but flexible layout and interface, and a data framework that is intuitive and powerful, the application is not only a quick-setup world explorer, but a solid foundation for simulation & game development potential.

This is not an auto-generation tool: users shape their world specifically through a database of variables and values for each of their World Elements: Locations, Characters, Gods, Items, Creatures, Laws, Factions and Stories.

Example WebGL build (old version) (non-mobile) at

Navigation gif:

Current State

This current build is early-stage and experimental, with different tools and systems for data input and visualization, but limited executable functionality. Development focus is now on deeper functionality of my own world, and a MVP template product with better interface. Once these are sufficiently progressed, I will update this core build and description.

Getting Started

Every step from installing Unity to filling your database to customizing features is described in the tutorials below.

Grab the latest build with full tutorial for free at, or download / fork the master branch directly.

Permanent Links

Database Template

Tutorial: Section 1 - Finding your Bearings

Tutorial: Section 2 - Shaping your World

Tutorial: Section 3 - Databasing your World

Tutorial: Section 4 - Customize Everything


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