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How to contribute

We welcome your contributions. If you have a new meme to include, send it our way via pull request (details below). Bug fixes, typos, and minor changes can probably be sent over unsolicited, too.

If you have some significant changes, though, you might want to reach out to us first. Although we will most likely be very excited to merge your change, there's a chance we'll have...artistic differences. We don't want you to waste your time on something that we can't merge later!

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have a GitHub account
  • Open an issue to discuss your planned changes
  • Fork the repository on GitHub and go to town

Making Changes

  • Be courteous with your commits and commit messages
  • Try to follow the coding style of the neighborhood your changes are in
  • Test your changes thoroughly

Adding a new meme

  • Add a blank template image to UpboatMe/Images/Originals
    • We will use this to generate a smaller image in a minute
  • Re-save your "raw" template as a relatively low quality jpg to UpboatMe/Images with the following settings (this often has a dramatic impact on file size):
    • Width <= 400px
    • Type: jpg
    • Quality: reasonable
    • If you can't get the file size down, don't worry about it. Commit anyway (we'll fix it up!)
  • Include both the original and the smaller version with your commit (so we can rebuild the smaller one later if we need to)
  • Update UpboatMe/App_Start/MemeConfig.cs with the new meme's metadata (it's pretty obvious...) if necessary (standard memes are handled automatically)
  • If you didn't add the new image from within Visual Studio, be sure to include the new image in the project file. Do this by clicking the "Show all files" button in Solution Explorer, then right click on the image and choose "Include in project"
  • Test your new meme (don't forget to rebuild!)

Submitting Changes

  • Append your name directly to the Contributor License Agreement and commit it. Include this with your pull request. (We cannot accept pull requests unless you sign the CLA.)
  • Submit your changes (included your name on the CLA file) to us as a pull request

Additional Resources

(This file was adapted from the Puppet Labs contributing guide.)