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This repository contains the language files for the Windows on Raspberry imager tool.


Updates or new language files can be submitted through pull requests or by creating an issue and attaching the translation file to it. See the status of the existing translations below.


  • The file structure is very similar to INI configuration files.

  • Strings/characters between curly braces must NOT be deleted as they're replaced by the application with the appropriate string. (Google Translate seems to break {n}{n} blocks for example, so please keep that in mind)

  • The translation should match the English one as much as possible (in terms of punctuation, word capitalization, meaning etc).

  • The Author field has been removed in version 2.0.0 as it was not used anywhere in the application.

    You can add your name in the file when submitting a translation update (we'll do it anyway in case you forget).

  • The translation file must be saved as UTF-8 with BOM.

Issues related to the WoR tool should be reported on the dedicated bug tracker, not on this repository!

Currently supported languages

Language Filename Status Contributors
Bahasa Melayu (Malay) ms-MY.lng Outdated cycool29
Čeština (Czech) cs-CZ.lng Outdated czsgaba , martindrey , Nuparu00 , lukajin
Deutsch (German) de-DE.lng Outdated Gnanf , manfred-mueller , EpicLPer , BastiJames333 , Schule04 , NASS-eK , ulrichrobin , Finnie2006
English en-US.lng Complete Mario Bălănică
Español (Spanish) es-ES.lng Complete TheNeoStormZ , davilico05 , tailys98 , Ivan Ruiz (ivigamergames)
Français (French) fr-FR.lng Complete SraamaR , Garfi69
Hrvatski (Croatian) hr-HR.lng Outdated Biggie
Italiano (Italian) it-IT.lng Outdated gestef , nopesir , xicciodj , lorecast162
Magyar (Hungarian) hu-HU.lng Outdated Janaboy , Googulator
Nederlands (Dutch) nl-NL.lng Complete Finnie2006
Polski (Polish) pl-PL.lng Outdated macmmm81 , Gotard , Marcinoo97 , LUKI N (lukin123) , krolik-exe
Português (Portuguese) pt-PT.lng Complete Miguel Couto
Português Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese) pt-BR.lng Outdated Matheus Eduardo , Rafael Fontenelle
Română (Romanian) ro-RO.lng Complete Mario Bălănică
Slovenčina (Slovak) sk-SK.lng Outdated sebkopal
Srpski (Serbian) sr-SP.lng Outdated Luka Matovic
Suomi (Finnish) fi-FI.lng Outdated Mixerboy24
Svenska (Swedish) sv-SE.lng Outdated Daniel Lundh , joakimus74
Türkçe (Turkish) tr-TR.lng Outdated bktech2021 , ysoyipek , pixelomer , SWATcyp
Русский (Russian) ru-RU.lng Complete Andryshik345 , aleksrovinski , beeoss
Українська (Ukrainian) uk-UA.lng Complete Volodymyr Borodaykevych
한국어 (Korean) ko-KR.lng Complete DoyunShin , rlatn1234 , URK96 , Raccooni
日本語 (Japanese) ja-JP.lng Complete creeper-0910 , okaits , imai9999 , OSAKANATARO , Prime9999
简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) zh-CN.lng Complete WillowSauceR , F-fengzi , wherewhere , thchi12 , nyaruko , Meaqua233 , CirnoTH
繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) zh-TW.lng Complete WillowSauceR , WangHan2014 , bacon166539 , Gekoii , ConashinChen