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QQ support for Adium

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This is a plugin for QQ that enables QQ2010 in Adium. It requires a copy of libqq-pidgin to build and run successfully.

NOTE This is a beta version of the plugin, and it doesn't support all of the features of QQ2010 yet. I'm working on adding file transfers, captcha support, etc. soon. Please file bugs, and thanks for the support!


QQ2010 is the latest version of the QQ protocol. The versions of QQ included with stable versions of pidgin and adium do not work with this new protocol. The maintainers of libpurple are dropping support for this service in the next release of libpurple. You can already see this change in Adium's trunk.


This project would not be possible without the hard work of the libqq-pidgin developers. The original libqq-pidgin plugin is bundled with AdiumQQ. The standalone package is available here.

Thanks to all of the members of the libqq-pidgin team!

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