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C.A.V.A. gui
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Python wrapper for C.A.V.A. utility with his own drawing window, gui settings and basic audio player functions.

Video Demo


  • C.A.V.A. >= 0.6
  • GTK+ >=3.18
  • Python >=3.5
  • Cairo

And all necessary python bindings e.g. python3-gi, python3-cairo.

  • GStreamer >=1.0
  • Python Pillow


This is pure python package, so you can try it without install:

$ git clone ~/cavalcade
$ python3 ~/cavalcade/cavalcade/

For proper install launch script.


To use spectrum audio visualizer launch cavalcade without any arguments.
To use cavalcade as player launch it with list of files:

$ cavalcade audio.mp3

Use help command to get list of all available arguments:

$ cavalcade --help

Double click on window to show settings dialog.
Program hotkeys can be set with user config file ~/.config/cavalcade/main.ini.

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