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dandv commented May 4, 2012

Couldn't find an option to control the background of the stage, and the default black doesn't always make sense, for instance when showing screenshots of slides, logos, vector drawings etc.

Here's a screenshot.

I tried setting the background color of the stage div, but galleria didn't take that into account.


davidhellsing commented May 8, 2012

just add

body .galleria-container{background:green}

For what it's worth, using the code below loaded after the default twelve.css stylesheet, I was able to change the background color on all browsers except IE10 where it was still black. I'm also having the problem on all browsers of each control changing to a black background on hover/active.

.galleria-container.notouch .galleria-thumblink:hover, .galleria-container.touch .galleria-thumblink:active,, .galleria-container.notouch .galleria-fullscreen:hover, .galleria-container.touch .galleria-fullscreen:active, .galleria-container.notouch .galleria-play:hover, .galleria-container.touch .galleria-play:active, .galleria-container.notouch .galleria-popout:hover, .galleria-container.touch .galleria-popout:active {
background-color: none;

Seems like its just a simple problem of ordering of CSS rules but can't put my finger on it yet....

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