Switch HTML placement of galleria-info and galleria-thumbnails-container #275

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When Galleria generates its HTML, at least basing upon the Classic theme, it displays like this:

* galleria-stage
* galleria-thumbnails-container
* galleria-info
* galleria-tooltip

With each of those being divs, containing any data we've added into them.

I have a scenario in which I'm adding a heading and a caption for each image (as child elements of galleria-info), and this info is always being displayed. I have it displaying below the large image, and above the list of thumbnails.

This works relatively well, as I can absolutely position the thumbnail div at the bottom of galleria-container, and it gives me enough space for the galleria-info contents, as long as my height is tall enough (whether a pixel number or a ratio).

This is a little questionable though, and is really questionable when trying to make it responsive, as it's still depending on absolute positioning.

Is it possible to switch the HTML rendered above so that galleria-info gets moved above galleria-thumbnails-container, so I don't have to absolutely position either of them? What would need to be done to add this?


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