Implemented fix written by Bartosz Grzesiak for this problem: #214

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I can reproduce this bug on many computers (Windows and Ubuntu) with different versions of Firefox (9, 10, and 11beta). This patch fixes the problem.

Is there a reason why it isn't merged? I can try to find a better solution if I know why this fix is not applied.

OK, I've verified that this patch doesn't fix the problem for IE, because "load needs to be added before the src attribute". The correct line is:

$( '<img/>' ).load( function() { this ) } ).attr( 'src', $( img ).attr( 'src' ) );

This works for me on IE8, Firefox10, and Chrome on Windows and Linux.

danimt commented Mar 12, 2012

Thanks for the fix marcenuc. Working with IE9 aswell ;)

Seems like it also works on IE7/8, as reported on #245.


davidhellsing commented Mar 28, 2012

I would consider pulling this in, but in all honesty this "fix" seems like a random extra load event attached to a new IMG element. No docs or discussion about what the code actually does, why it "works" or in what use cases it needs to be applied. I’m not going to add an extra load event just because it "works" in some cases, since the original code works fine for 99% of the users.

That said, I am all open for improving the code. Start by attaching a dev site where the bug occurs, and some tests that indicates why it happens and we’ll take it from there.

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