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outerSpace README.

Part 1 USERS

Hey guys, enjoy the game, use arrow keys to move the ship around and try and hit as many asteroids with the
ship as you can before the time expires. This game is still in its very early stages of development and it still
has a long way to go in terms of updates etc. 

So watch this space, because I think I can really turn this into something great with the right team and the right
kind of support.

My high score is 36. :)


To start off, I think it's great that you guys are joining in with this project, thank you for that.

Next up, I am currently working on the next big update which involves the game being split down into separate classes,
I basically rewrote the whole of the code into a new program so now it should be easier to edit the asteroids, and
have more than one of them at a time.

I also managed to get someone to do some better graphics for me, but if there's anyone who is really great at graphic
design, please see number 6 on the to do list.

I have a to do list here, this will be where all of out primary goals go, I will also put this on the Wiki: 

1. Add power ups.
	a. Increased Time
	b. Increased ship Speed
	c. Increased Points
	d. Decrased ship Speed
	e. Decreased Time
	f. Decreased Points

2. Stop any FPS Lag.

3. Add ship health.

4. Add the ability to shoot asteroids.

5. Multiplayer function.

6. Better graphics.

7. Better Physics.


Thank you Nocte for helping me with some semantic errors.
Thank you meeees for teaching me how to do keyListeners.
Thank you Java Task Force, for supplying the ACM library.
Thank you Static for giving me the motivation to do this.