import mailman archives into a drupal website.
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There are 2 files that are part of this system.
* drush_mailman.php

The script needs to be placed in the sites/default/files directory of your Drupal installation.

The drush_mailman.php script needs to be placed in the sites/default directory of your Drupal installation.


Create a Content Type that has Title and Body. I named mine listserve.

You will want to update the drush_mailman.php script so that it points to the content type ( if you don't use the 'listserve' name ) that you are going to save all the mailman scripts into.

setup a cron job to run an rsync command to pull the archives across.
If you don't want ALL the lists, you could run this once for each list you want and just add the listname to the end (/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/<listname>/*)
	rsync -av --exclude=*.mbox --exclude=attachments --exclude=*.gz --exclude=*.txt --exclude=database <user>@<mailmanserver>:/var/lib/mailman/archives/private/* .