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=== / 2009-09-17
* 3 Bugfixes
* Fixes the issue reported by Thomas Preymesser and tracked down most of the
way by Hugh McGowan in
where reading the value of the first occurrence of a shared formula
* Fixes the issue reported by Anonymous in
where InvalidDate was raised for some Dates.
* Fixes the issue reported by John Lee in
which is probably a duplicate of the Bug previously reported by Kadvin XJ in
where unchanged rows were marked as changed in the Excel-Writer while the
File was being written, triggering an Error.
* 1 minor enhancement
* Detect row offsets from Cell data if Row-Ops are missing
This fixes a bug reported by Alexander Logvinov in
=== 0.6.4 / 2009-07-03
* 5 Bugfixes
* Fixes the issue reported by Harley Mackenzie in
where in some edge-cases numbers were stored incorrectly
* Fixes the issue reported and fixed by someone23 in
where using Row-updater methods with blocks caused LocalJumpErrors
* Fixes the issue reported and fixed by Corey Burrows in
where "Setting the height of a row, either in Excel directly, or via the
Spreadsheet::Row#height= method results in a row that Excel displays with
the maximum row height (409)."
* Fixes the issue reported by Don Park in
where some Workbooks could not be parsed due to the OLE-entry being all
* Fixes the issue reported by Iwan Buetti in
where parsing some Workbooks failed with an Invalid date error.
* 1 major enhancement
* Spreadsheet now runs on Ruby 1.9
=== / 2009-02-13
* 3 Bugfixes
* Only selects the First Worksheet by default
This deals with an issue reported by Biörn Andersson in
where data-edits in OpenOffice were propagated through all selected
* Honors Row, Column, Worksheet and Workbook-formats
and thus fixes a Bug introduced in;a=commit;h=52755ad76fdda151564b689107ca2fbb80af3b78
and reported in
and by Joachim Schneider in
* Fixes a bug reported by Alexander Skwar in
where the user-defined formatting of Dates and Times was overwritten with
a default format, and other issues connected with writing Dates and Times
into Spreadsheets.
* 1 minor enhancements
* Spreadsheet shold now be completely warning-free,
as requested by Eric Peterson in
=== 0.6.3 / 2009-01-14
* 1 Bugfix
* Fixes the issue reported by Corey Martella in
as well as other issues engendered by the decision to always shorten
Rows to the last non-nil value.
* 2 minor enhancements
* Added bin/xlsopcodes, a tool for examining Excel files
* Documents created by Spreadsheet can now be Printed in Excel and
This issue was reported by Spencer Turner in
=== / 2008-12-18
* 1 Bugfix
* Using Spreadsheet together with 'jcode' could lead to broken Excel-Files
Thanks to Eugene Mikhailov for tracking this one down in:
=== 0.6.2 / 2008-12-11
* 14 Bugfixes
* Fixed a bug where #<boolean>! methods did not trigger a call to
* Corrected the Row-Format in both Reader and Writer (was Biff5 for some
* Populates Row-instances with @default_format, @height, @outline_level
and @hidden attributes
* Fixed a Bug where Workbooks deriving from a Template-Workbook without
SST could not be saved
Reported in
* Improved handling of Numeric Values (writes a RK-Entry for a Float
only if it can be encoded with 4 leading zeroes, and a Number-Entry for an
Integer only if it cannot be encoded as an RK)
* Fixes a bug where changes to a Row were ignored if they were
outside of an existing Row-Block.
* Fixes a bug where MULRK-Entries sometimes only contained a single RK
* Fixes a bug where formatting was ignored if it was applied to empty Rows
Reported by Zomba Lumix in
* Fixes a bug where modifying a Row in a loaded Workbook could lead to Rows
with smaller indices being set to nil.
Reported by Ivan Samsonov in
* Deals with rounding-problems when calculating Time
Reported by Bughunter extraordinaire Bjørn Hjelle
* Correct splitting of wide characters in SST
Reported by Michel Ziegler and by Eugene Mikhailov in
* Fix an off-by-one error in write_mulrk that caused Excel to complain that
'Data may be lost', reported by Emma in
and by Chris Lowis in
* Read formats correctly in read_mulrk
Reported by Ivan Samsonov
Fixes that part of
which is a bug. Does nothing for the disappearance of Rich-Text
formatting, which will not be addressed until 0.7.0
* Fixes a (benign?) bug, where adding text to a template-file resulted in
a duplicate extsst-record.
* 2 minor enhancements
* Improved recognition of Time-Formats
* Improvement to Robustness: allow
Takes care of
Reported by David Chamberlain
=== / 2008-11-07
* 1 Bugfix
* Fixes a precision-issue in Excel::Row#datetime: Excel records Time-Values
with more significant bits (but not necessarily more precise) than
DateTime can handle.
(Thanks to Bjørn Hjelle for the Bugreport)
* 1 minor enhancement
* Added support for appending Worksheets to a Workbook
(Thanks to Mohammed Rabbani for the report)
=== / 2008-10-31
* 1 Bugfix
* Fixes a bug where out-of-sequence reading of multiple Worksheets could
lead to data from the wrong Sheet being returned.
(Thanks to Bugreporter extraordinaire Bjørn Hjelle)
=== / 2008-10-30
* 1 Bugfix
* Fixes a bug where all Formulas were ignored.
(Thanks to Bjørn Hjelle for the report)
* 1 minor enhancement
* Allow the substitution of an IO object with a StringIO.
(Thanks to luxor for the report)
=== / 2008-10-28
* 2 Bugfixes
* Fixed encoding and decoding of BigNums, negative and other large Numbers
* Fix a bug where modifications to default columns weren't stored
* 1 minor enhancement
* Row#enriched_data won't return a Bogus-Date if the data isn't a Numeric
(Thanks to Bjørn Hjelle for the report)
=== / 2008-10-24
* 2 Bugfixes
* Removed obsolete code which triggered Iconv::InvalidEncoding
on Systems with non-gnu Iconv:
* Handle empty Worksheets
(Thanks to Charles Lowe for the Patches)
=== / 2008-10-23
* 1 Bugfix
* Biff8#wide now works properly even if $KCODE=='UTF-8'
(Thanks to Bjørn Hjelle for the Bugreport)
* 1 minor enhancement
* Read/Write functionality for Links (only URLs can be written as of now)
=== / 2008-10-21
* 2 Bugfixes
* Renamed UTF8 to UTF-8 to support freebsd
(Thanks to Jacob Atzen for the Patch)
* Fixes a Bug where only the first Rowblock was read correctly if there were
no DBCELL records terminating the Rowblocks.
(Thanks to Bjørn Hjelle for the Bugreport)
=== / 2008-10-20
* 2 Bugfixes
* Corrected the Font-Encoding values in Excel::Internals
(Thanks to Bjørn Hjelle for the Bugreport)
* Spreadsheet now skips Richtext-Formatting runs and Asian Phonetic
Settings when reading the SST, fixing a problem where the presence of
Richtext could lead to an incomplete SST.
=== / 2008-10-20
* 1 Bugfix
* Corrected the Manifest - included column.rb
=== 0.6.1 / 2008-10-17
* 3 minor enhancements
* Adds Column formatting and Worksheet#format_column
* Reads and writes correct Fonts (Font-indices > 3 appear to be 1-based)
* Reads xf data
=== 0.6.0 / 2008-10-13
* 1 major enhancement
* Initial upload of the shiny new Spreadsheet Gem after three weeks of
grueling labor in the dark binary mines of Little-Endian Biff and long
hours spent polishing the surfaces of documentation.