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Reduce the disk usage of your projects by removing dependencies & builds
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Project Cleanup

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This little tool will recursively browse a directory to find code projects in several languages. If the project hasn't been touched for more than a month, it will remove directories containing libraries, dependencies, builds, etc.

The reasoning behind this is that these files can be retrieved or re-generated at any time, but if you haven't worked on the project for a month chances are you don't need them taking up space on your hard drive right now.



Download the binary for your platform from the releases page

Or install via Cargo: cargo install project-cleanup

How it works

Run the application with project-cleanup --help to see the options.

Supported languages

  • Node.js (will remove the node_modules and .cache directories)
  • Rust (will remove the target directory)
  • Java (will remove the .gradle and build directories)

These languages are based on my own experience and use patterns. I welcome issues and pull requests to add more languages and/or more unnecessary directories in already added languages.


Everything in this repository is published under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.

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