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# This is an example .swpfile. It lists the directories that should be
# deleted. Each line should contain one path, relative to the directory that
# the .swpfile is in, followed by a newline character (enter).
# Blank lines and lines starting with '#' are ignored. This makes the
# .swpfile compatible with .gitignore files for syntax
# highlighting purposes. However, .swpfile does NOT support regex
# or wildcard syntax, and only works with directories.
# If a .swpfile is found, none of the default paths will match
# and only the contents of the .cleanuprc file will count.
# Paths should NOT start with a leading slash, but may end with a
# trailing slash.
# If a listed path does not exist in the directory, it is ignored.
# Nested paths will only delete the last directory. The below line
# would delete the `bar` directory, but leave `foo` intact.