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This project started because I have some body of code which is documented with the robodoc documentation markup (see [[] [ROBOdoc]])

However I was not really pleased with the output, and I wanted to integrate it with plantuml and other tools.

This version here works for me. However is not polished at all.

Current Limitations

  • Only support a very limited subset of ROBOdoc
  • Will only work on SBCL on Mac OSX and Windows.
  • Need configuration in the sax-handlers.lisp file
  • Does not include MathJAX, this need to be copied in the resource directory.

How to use

Load the project, and use the function `source-dir-to-html-classes’

Note on features


Use the same syntax as the MathJAX, it basically just includes your text verbatim in the HTML and let MathJAX do the typesetting.

Currently it will copy a local copy form the resources folder in the the lisp source to the generated documentation. This so that you can still look at the documentation when offline.

However, the MathJAX is currently not included in the repository.


If you include a section with #+uml as follows

*    #+uml
*        @startuml
*           ConfigurationItem *- DSSList
*           DSSList o- "*" DSSItem
*           class DSSItem #yellow {
*           }
*        @enduml

it will render the section following the #+uml marker with plantuml (see sax-handlers.lisp file)

It will modify the resulting svg image to remove some text stretching and it will try to insert links in the svg image to related definitions.


Similar to the UML, but it is marked by #+plot.

*   #+plot
*     plot [0:1][0:10] 1/(1-x)


I will update this project for my own needs. However if there is some interest, I happily include patches, or put some effort in myself to make it easier to use.


Get rid of the MathJax tree

There are a few options:

  • Get rid of it all together
  • Tar them up so it is just one file
  • Move them under the directory ‘thirdparty’.

Improve handling external resources

See also above. At the moment there are only two types of included content which are currently tracked in the source tree:

  • MathJax
  • doc.css

Code restructuring

  • split up `parse-source-2’ into actual parsing and writing results.
  • Split up the `sax-handlers’ into separate files in a sub-directory.


Program to generate HTML output from a subset of robodoc. Extra features include plantuml, gnuplot and MathJax integration.



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