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This little project visualizes the git commit graph in the browser. It is in very early stages of development and probably at the moment only works for me.


Initial setup

The quickest way to start is using quicklisp and do the following:

(ql:quickload "wo-git-gui")
(setf wo-git-gui:*git-project* "/Users/woudshoo/Development/Source/lisp-devel-systems/cl-git/.git")

This will start an hunchentoot server on localhost port 8988. So after starting the server you can point your browser to: http://localhost:8988/neighborhood-graph

This assumes that the system can find the git and dot executables. The paths to these are specified with

(setf wo-git:*git-command* "/usr/bin/git")
(setf wo-git-gui:*dot-cmd* "/usr/bin/dot")


NameHow to installDescription / Note
graphviz/dotDownload from www.graphviz.orgAn external tool to visualize graphs
wo-gitdownload from github
wo-graph-functionsdownload from github
wo-graphdownload from github
wo-utildownload from github
sb-extUse sbcltemporary, will be replaced
cl-gitdownload from github

To Do

Too much to mention but here is a higher goal list:

  • Make the setup user friendly
  • Make the selecting and refreshing of the repository available through the browser
  • Convert to using cl-git
  • Getting rid of sbcl dependency
  • Add montezuma search capabilities
  • Add gui for selecting multiple revisions
  • Add gui for selecting and storing dead revisions
  • Improve the look and feel of the web pages, they are very very plain right now.
  • etc. …
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