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Decouple and Sync multi-language content between Excel and Sketch
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Decouple and Sync multi-language content between Sketch and Excel.


Use cases

  • Decouple your content from Sketch so you can hand-off your content for review by a copy-writer
  • Switch easily between multiple languages
  • Switch easily between multiple versions of your content


  • Backup your Sketch file (just in case)
  • Prefix your text layers and/or symbol layers that you want to include with '#'
  • Generate Excel file with all your content: Plugins -> Excel Content Sync -> Generate Content File...
  • Select the Content File: Plugins -> Excel Content Sync -> Select Content File...
  • Select your language
  • Wait till your Sketch file is updated.


  1. Download the Zip and unzip the package
  2. Double click on excelContentSync.sketchplugin for auto installation


The plugin is compatible with the latest version of Sketch 55.2 🎉 (And previous versions).

How many languages are supported

  • As many as you need. Each columnn in your Excel file can be chosen as a language source.

What about symbol overrides

  • Symbol overrides are supported. Prefix your symbols with '#' to include them. The will be listed as 'symbolName / overrideName' in the Excel file.
  • Same applies to symbols within symbols.

Get involved

  • Accepting bug fixes, feature requests, PRs.
  • This is my first Sketch plugin, and I'm happy to review PRs regarding code improvements and best practices.
  • See SKPM on how to get started.
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