DRAMA syntax highlighter for DRAMA language of KU Leuven
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DRAMA Syntax Highlighter


This is a DRAMA syntax highlighter for Sublime Text 3 and 2. The DRAMA language was created by the teachers at KU Leuven. It was designed for learning assembly.

There was no syntax highlighting available so I created my own. The syntax coding isn't 100% correct since it's a bit different than most languages. The syntax coding was created with the monokai color scheme in mind, but will look fine with most color schemes.


Package Control: You can install this through Package Control. You will automatically get the latest patches.


After installing, open up a DRAMA file in Sublime and go to View->Syntax and select DRAMA. You should now see the text highlighted in color.


Bug report

If you find any bugs, please let me know or post an issue here on github. If you fixed a bug submit a pull request and let me know.