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[("StackSet invariants" , mytest prop_invariant)
,("empty: invariant" , mytest prop_empty_I)
,("empty is empty" , mytest prop_empty)
,("empty / current" , mytest prop_empty_current)
,("empty / member" , mytest prop_member_empty)
,("view : invariant" , mytest prop_view_I)
,("view sets current" , mytest prop_view_current)
,("view idempotent" , mytest prop_view_idem)
,("view reversible" , mytest prop_view_reversible)
,("view is local" , mytest prop_view_local)
,("greedyView : invariant" , mytest prop_greedyView_I)
,("greedyView sets current" , mytest prop_greedyView_current)
,("greedyView is safe " , mytest prop_greedyView_current_id)
,("greedyView idempotent" , mytest prop_greedyView_idem)
,("greedyView reversible" , mytest prop_greedyView_reversible)
,("greedyView is local" , mytest prop_greedyView_local)
,("peek/member " , mytest prop_member_peek)
,("index/length" , mytest prop_index_length)
,("focus master : invariant", mytest prop_focusMaster_I)
,("focusWindow: invariant", mytest prop_focus_I)
,("focus left/master" , mytest prop_focus_left_master)
,("focus right/master" , mytest prop_focus_right_master)
,("focus master/master" , mytest prop_focus_master_master)
,("focusWindow master" , mytest prop_focusWindow_master)
,("focus all left " , mytest prop_focus_all_l)
,("focus all right " , mytest prop_focus_all_r)
,("focus master idemp" , mytest prop_focusMaster_idem)
,("focusWindow is local", mytest prop_focusWindow_local)
,("focusWindow works" , mytest prop_focusWindow_works)
,("focusWindow identity", mytest prop_focusWindow_identity)
,("findTag" , mytest prop_findIndex)
,("allWindows/member" , mytest prop_allWindowsMember)
,("currentTag" , mytest prop_currentTag)
,("insert: invariant" , mytest prop_insertUp_I)
,("insert/new" , mytest prop_insert_empty)
,("insert is idempotent", mytest prop_insert_idem)
,("insert is reversible", mytest prop_insert_delete)
,("insert duplicates" , mytest prop_insert_duplicate)
,("insert/peek " , mytest prop_insert_peek)
,("insert/size" , mytest prop_size_insert)
,("delete: invariant" , mytest prop_delete_I)
,("delete/empty" , mytest prop_empty)
,("delete/member" , mytest prop_delete)
,("delete is reversible", mytest prop_delete_insert)
,("delete is local" , mytest prop_delete_local)
,("delete/focus" , mytest prop_delete_focus)
,("delete last/focus up", mytest prop_delete_focus_end)
,("delete ~last/focus down", mytest prop_delete_focus_not_end)
,("filter preserves order", mytest prop_filter_order)
,("swapUp: invariant" , mytest prop_swap_left_I)
,("swapDown: invariant", mytest prop_swap_right_I)
,("swapUp id on focus", mytest prop_swap_left_focus)
,("swap all left " , mytest prop_swap_all_l)
,("swap all right " , mytest prop_swap_all_r)
,("shiftMaster id on focus", mytest prop_shift_master_focus)
,("shiftMaster is idempotent", mytest prop_shift_master_idempotent)
,("shiftMaster preserves ordering", mytest prop_shift_master_ordering)
,("shift: invariant" , mytest prop_shift_I)
,("shift is reversible" , mytest prop_shift_reversible)
,("shiftWin: invariant" , mytest prop_shift_win_I)
,("shiftWin is shift on focus" , mytest prop_shift_win_focus)
,("shiftWin fix current" , mytest prop_shift_win_fix_current)
,("floating is reversible" , mytest prop_float_reversible)
,("floating sets geometry" , mytest prop_float_geometry)
,("floats can be deleted", mytest prop_float_delete)
,("screens includes current", mytest prop_screens)
,("lookupTagOnScreen", mytest prop_lookup_current)
,("lookupTagOnVisbleScreen", mytest prop_lookup_visible)
,("screens works", mytest prop_screens_works)
,("renaming works", mytest prop_rename1)
,("ensure works", mytest prop_ensure)
,("ensure hidden semantics", mytest prop_ensure_append)
,("shiftWin identity", mytest prop_shift_win_indentity)
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