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Nodejs library to access the azure kinect data from the official SDK
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Azure Kinect Library for Node / Electron

This library enables you to use the Azure Kinect in your nodejs or electron apps.

screenshot of skeleton 2d demo


  • get rgb camera feed
  • get depth feed
  • get ir feed
  • transform between color and depth feed
  • point cloud (greyscale and colored)
  • get skeleton joints (2d and 3d)

Coming later:

  • user masking


Make sure you have the Azure Kinect drivers installed.

Just npm install like you would do with any regular module.

$ npm install kinect-azure

There are no precompiled binaries yet, so you need to have node-gyp installed on your system.

Potential issues

You might run into the error below when trying to install this module:

Error: spawn C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\BuildTools\MSBuild\15.0\Bin\MSBuild.exe ENOENT

To fix this, make sure to install the latest version of node-gyp globally:

$ npm install -g node-gyp

Body tracking

If you want to use body tracking, you will need to have a couple of dll files in the root of your application. Otherwise, you'll run into errors like the one below:

Cannot locate onnxruntime.dll

The install script of this module tries copy these files automatically. You should have the following files in your application root after running npm install:

  • onnxruntime.dll
  • dnn_model_2_0.onnx
  • cublas64_100.dll
  • cudart64_100.dll
  • vcomp140.dll
  • cudnn64_7.dll

If you can't find these files, copy them from inside node_modules/kinect-azure to your project root.


There are nodejs and electron examples in the examples/ folder of this repo. To run them, execute npm install and npm start:

$ cd examples/electron
$ npm install
$ npm start

The electron examples have the javascript code inside the html files. You can find these html files in examples/electron/renderer/demos.

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