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This version of WW.Cad is no longer supported, please upgrade to the WW.Cad 6.0 version:

This library works in .NET Core only. For the regular .NET version of CadLib, please visit, and download the trial version, which contains Win Forms, WPF and Open GL viewer examples.

Contains .NET Core samples and a basic UWP sample viewer application for the trial version of WW.Cad.NetStandard library. The Universal Windows application can render AutoCAD DWG and DXF files.

For these applications to work you will need a trial license. The MyAppKeyPair.snk linked in the projects are not present in the repository, you should generate your own strong name key and keep it private.

  1. You can generate a strong name key with the following command in the Visual Studio command prompt: sn -k MyKeyPair.snk

  2. The next step is to extract the public key file from the strong name key (which is a key pair): sn -p MyKeyPair.snk MyPublicKey.snk

  3. Display the public key token for the public key: sn -t MyPublicKey.snk

  4. Go to the project properties Singing tab, and check the "Sign the assembly" checkbox, and choose the strong name key you created.

  5. Register and get your trial license from Enter your strong name key public key token that you got at step 3.


Contains .NET Core and UWP samples for the WW.Cad.NetStandard library.







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