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tagged May 23, 2020

How to Setup Wownero Lite Wallet

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a97cb4b6841f148de7821b96090c8db507c8c62585c44eeb62473637a978b581 wowlite_Linux_0.1.4.AppImage
10996dd727db50bbf0e341c63e221df8d9fb7124e2c5d83170dfb2be09b065d0 wowlite_macOS_0.1.4.dmg

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@sanderfoobar sanderfoobar released this Jun 15, 2019


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@sanderfoobar sanderfoobar released this Jan 25, 2019

warning: due to the recent hard-fork, this release does not work anymore. New version will be up in the coming week(s).

  • The freshest of Wownero code (wowario)
  • Remembers multiple opened wallets (bomb-on)
  • Sending to subaddresses (jwintern)
  • OSX release built by bomb-on

Probably some more changes but our short-term memory is like a goldfish!

  • bomb-on
  • jwintern
  • dsc
  • wowario
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@sanderfoobar sanderfoobar released this Nov 14, 2018

  • Remembers last opened wallet
  • Switch between multiple pre-defined nodes
  • Clipboard fixed for OSX
  • Calculation for remaining funds in the WFS proposals area has been fixed
  • Show embedded wownero-wallet-cli version


  • dsc
  • bomb-on
  • wowario
Assets 5