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Current Version 0.6.3 Publish Date

  • Fixed issue #9 (NPCs not respawning with full health)
  • Fixed issue #7 (Blank names allowed in user creation)
  • Fixed issue #2 (Channel name length is unrestricted)
  • Fixed issue #3 (No character name validation when creating new character)
  • Added a 'hpMax' parameter to players. All accounts created so far on Dev Server 2 ( have been wiped - accounts created pre-0.6.3 are missing 'hpMax' from their definitions causing compatibility issue.
  • NPCs will now stop saying their routine phrases while in combat and switch to saying their combat phrases. 'combatVocabulary' has been introduced in NPC definition (def/npcs.json).
  • Introducing a targeting system. Currently not doing much more than just allowing you to target an NPC/PC, it allows selecting a specific npc in a situation where there are multiple instances of the same NPC in a room (e.g. 3 rats etc.). In summary:

target - displays your current target

target <name> - targets a Player or a Non-Player in your current room

if there are multiple NPCs with the same name, you will be given an option to specify which one exactly to target. A list will be displayed including unique IDs:

You can see 5 of those around. Which one would you like to target?
<90000> Cleaning Robot, it is a Non-Player
<90001> Cleaning Robot, it is a Non-Player
<90002> Cleaning Robot, it is a Non-Player
<90003> Cleaning Robot, it is a Non-Player
<90004> Cleaning Robot, it is a Non-Player
Which one would you like to target?

You can reissue the target command including the unique ID of your choice to target the NPC you are after:

target cleaning robot 90002 or target 90002 cleaning robot

Note: It is not possible to target 90002!

Right now targeting is not usable in any part of the game, I'll be incorporating it in existing mechanics over the coming updates. It paves the way for ability use, more advanced combat mechanics, controlled ability casting etc.

Legacy Version 0.6.2 Publish Date

  • Automatic re-connection to Grapevine following network downtime! - DUM now tracks timestamp of the last heartbeat. Once heartbeat has been detected to take unusually long (tolerance set via MaxHeartbeatDelay in config.ini - in seconds), DUM will attempt to reconnect to the network once after a configurable amount of time (controlled via ConnectionRetryDelay in config.ini - in seconds). If the reconnection attempt fails, Grapevine will be permanently disabled.
  • Readability of damage bubbles improved

Legacy Version 0.6.1 Publish Date

  • New domain for the dev environment and the webclient -
  • Minor code cleanup and source code files headers included.
  • Bugfix in WHISPER which until now would throw an exception when whispering while there are players in 'not authenticated' state (e.g. on login screen, during character creation etc.).
  • @UNSUBSCRIBE and @SUBSCRIBE now correctly sending out "player has left a channel" messages.
  • @CHANNELS now sorts output alphabetically.
  • Fixed bug in @SUBSCRIBE where it would allow players to subscribe to channel "show", which is an invalid name.
  • Server Message Of The Day is now stored in a file (motd) rather than source code. You can configure the location of this file via config.ini

Legacy Version 0.6.0 Publish Date

  • support! Yay! Grapevine is a brilliant initiative, bringing a number of MUDs together by providing cross-game chat channels, player status and tells. DUM is heading towrds full Grapevine support, currently the following has been introduced:

Default grapevine channels (gossip, testing, announcements) Integration into existing DUM in-game channels

It is now possible to subscribe, unsubscribe and send messages to '@grapevine' channels.

Note: Concept of a channel location has been introduced. In this scenario, '@grapevine' is what we call a channel location. This is to signify that we can now use channels both local and external to DUM. To give a quick example - you can subscribe and send a message to a channel local to DUM by invoking the following:

@subscribe MyTestChannel

/MyTestChannel Hello World!

Lack of '@' suffix in channel name means we are talking to a channel local to the server.

At the same time, you can now subscribe and send messages to one of Grapevine's channels by invoking:

@subscribe gosspi@grapevine

/gossip@grapevine Hey there guys!

From this moment you subscribe, you will receive any messages sent to Gossip channel on Grapevine by any other player in any other game. Keep in mind all three default gossip channels are supported - you can subscribe to them using following commands:

@subscribe gossip@grapevine

@subscribe testing@grapevine

@subscribe announcements@grapevine

Note: Remaining Grapevine functionality will follow soon (player tells, game status, players status etc.)

  • New AT command @config - meant for controlling various admin and non admin aspects of the server/player experience via setting varius config items

  • New Config Item defaultchannel - allows setting a default chat channel to post messages to. For example if a player is having a discussion in announcements@grapevine, it would quickly become inconvenient to type /announcements@grapevine every time he wishes to send a message in that channel. It is now possible to set a default channel using the following command:

@config defaultchannel <channel>

From now on, it is possible to send a message by simply typing:

/ Hello World!

Note: Mind the space which follows the forward slash! In the above example, lack of space would send message "World!" to channel [Hello]! You would likely not receive any output either (unless by coincidence you had earlier subscribed to Hello by invoking @subscribe Hello.

You can check which channel you have set as default and clear it at any time by typing the following:

@config defaultchannel show @config defaultchannel clear

Note: 'show' and 'clear' are now reserved words and are no longer valid channel names - it is impossible to subscribe to them. Note: Default channel is only valid per session - if a player log out and back in, he will have it's default channel cleared.

  • Channels names are now case-insensitive
  • Updates to in-game help

Legacy Version 0.5.3 Publish Date

  • New regular command: tell <plyer> <message> for sending tell message to online players wherever they are.
  • New AT command: @serverlog <show/clear> for displaying or clearing the contents of dum runtime log (ServerLog in config.ini). It is an admin command and permissionLevel=0 (set in players/.player) is required to access it.
  • Server Installer script: To make it even easier to get Dum up and running, it is now possible to install it (along with all dependencies) on your machine with a one-liner command - see
  • Webclient overhaul - removed unused options, added custom graphics etc.
  • Fixed .gitignore which would prevent the standard Guest account from being included in the repo.
  • Modified the logging function to allow custom log locations. You can now control where server creates it's runtime log by modifying the ServerLog line in config.ini.

Legacy Version 0.5.2 Publish Date

  • Idle timer now also affects non-authenticated players (You will get disconnected due to inactivity while on the login screen/inside character creation wizard etc.)
  • Text formatting fixes
  • Unsubscribing from a SYSTEM channel will now give player a warning about potentially missing important game-wide info
  • Webclient has been migrated to a new, improved development environment.
  • Small Webclient adaptations

Legacy Version 0.5.1 Publish Date

  • @who bugfix - it no longer throws an exception when clients are connected, but not authenticated.
  • Formatting changes in new player wizard

Legacy Version 0.5 Publish Date

  • New player account creation wizard - accessible by typing new on the login screen. It's currently simply asking for player name and password, then creates an account which can later be used to login with.
  • Implemented AT commands (@commands) - meant to be OOC commands for configuration, server management etc. They are distinguished from standard in-character commands by an '@' prefix (hence the name AT commands).
  • Custom player chat channels have been implemented. Players can @subscribe and @unsubscribe from them at any time. It is possible to subscribe and send messages to any valid channel name (alphanumeric, no spaces). Any other players which have subscribed to the same channel name will receive messages which are sent to it. Channel messages can be sent using the /<channel name> command. To illustrate:

You and your team can all subscribe to channel "fwends" by typing:

@subscribe fwends

Any player can send messages to any channel at any time by typing

/fwends Hello there guys!

If you decide you no longer want to receive messages from fwends, you can unsubscribe at any time by typing:

@unsubscribe fwends

There is a dedicated "system" channel used for server messages. All players are subscribed to it by default, although nothing would stop you if you wanted to unsubscribe by typing:

@unsubscribe system

  • Webclient is now showing correct command auto-correct suggestions
  • Added a @quit command for disconnecting from the game.
  • Player will now be disconnected and removed from the game world when a webclient browser window is closed.
  • Cosmetic changes to WHISPER
  • Added a permissionLevel attribute to player account. It is meant for controlling access to certain commands. By default all players can access all regular and @ commands, but you might want to lock some management commands to GMs only (highest permissionLevel=0) within the command implementation.
  • Implemented a @who command, which shows all currently logged players to anyone with permissionLevel=0 (highest GM permission level)
  • Restricted dending messages to the SYSTEM channel - it now requires permissionLevel=0
  • Implemented extended attributes for player accounts. Those are meant to be used for setting player flags during quests/conversations etc. Currently exAttribute0, exAttribute1 and exAttribute2 are used for new player creation.

Legacy Version 0.4 Publish Date

  • New Web Client!! (such wow) - courtesy of - now correctly handling ANSI colours.
  • Cosmetic improvements to LOOK
  • Text formatting improvements to adapt to new webclient. Improved readability and colour scheme.
  • Included WHISPER command in the help page.
  • Help page formatting fix.
  • Client connection now properly terminates when idle timer is reached (rather just removing player from the game world)
  • Commands are now case-insensitive - helps while using the webclient on a phone
  • The 'Unknown command!' message now shows you what you have typed
  • Improvements and fixes to escape character handling in

Legacy Version 0.3.4 Publish Date

  • Implemented WHISPER command allowing players to send private messages to players in the same room. Usage: WHISPER <target> <message>

Legacy Version 0.3.3 Publish Date

  • Added NPC ability to drop loot on death. It's controlled within NPC definition (npcs.json) by manipulating the "inv" attribute as per example below:
"inv" : [[1,19], [2,12]]

In the example above, NPC will drop two items - Item ID:1 with probability of 19% and Item ID:2 with probability of 12%

Legacy Version 0.3.2 Publish Date

  • Implemented custom events that can be injected directly from within the code. Function addToScheduler() now accepts a string eventID in addition to standard id number. E.g.

Rather than executing predefined event ID:3 on player ID:32 as per below:
addToScheduler(3, 32, scheduler, eventDB)

It is now possible to inject an event definition directly:
addToScheduler('5|msg|Hello World!!', 32, scheduler, eventDB)

The above will send Hello World!! message to player ID:32 in 5 seconds.

Legacy Version 0.3.1 Publish Date

  • Nasty bug causing server crashes in certain scenarios when looking at objects/players/npcs has been fixed. You don't want v0.3.
  • Added a functionality to remove idling players from the game. Idle timer is counted from the moment player has sent his last command. When idle time reaches allowed idle time, player is removed from the world without actually disconnecting the client. It's be nice to have them physically disconnected, although it'll require some wizardry..

Legacy Version 0.3 Publish Date

  • Command source code has been separated into individual functions in
  • Issue with multiple logins allowed for one character has been fixed - only one session per character is allowed now.

Legacy Version 0.2.1 Publish Date

  • Improvements to LOOK (e.g. 'LOOK item/player/NPC' will show their long_description/lookDescription parameter)
  • lookDescription and long_description (for items) are defined within relevant JSON definition files.
  • If a number of the same items are found in the room, one description will be shown, followed by "You can see X of those in the vicinity"

Legacy Version 0.2 Publish Date

  • Brief summary of features implemented in 0.1 available at
  • MySQL database instance is no longer required. All player, npc, item, room and actor information is stored in JSON files.
  • In-game event scheduler has been introduced allowing events to be scheduled for execution at set times. E.g "Send message "ABC" to player X in 5 seconds and make him unable to walk and talk for 30 seconds.".
  • Improved addressing efficiency concerns.
  • Portions of repetitive code re-written into functions in
  • Fixed server crashes in certain 'take' and 'drop' scenarios
  • Introduction of Commentjson module to handle Python (#) and Java (//) style comments inside .json and .player files
  • Introduction of reserved evens 1, 2 and 3 - those are executed on server boot after all assets have been loaded. Those are currently used for spawning items, environment actors and NPCs (populating the world)
  • Room definitions have been moved out of and into rooms.json.
  • Player Prefix has been introduced. As an example - when a player dies, his/her name will be prefixed with [Recovering] for a set time when other players look at him/her.
  • Introduced a random factor for NPC and Environment Actor chatter. Any NPC or Actor will send a message every (talkDelay + rnd(randomFactor)) seconds.
  • NPCs and Actors will now not repeat the same phrase twice in a row.
  • Implemented a 'webclienttest' command to test the color webclient is currently capable of displaying.
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