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Automatically log your PvP and Dual wins and losses
Lua TeX
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PvPLog will automatically log your PvP wins and losses as well as your duel wins and losses.

When disabled PvPLog will not track any of your PvP activites.

When you win/lose a PvP battle, or duel, PvPLog will notify you as the data is recorded.

Whenever you mouseover someone for which you have a PvP record the mouseover tool tip will contain the number of wins and losses you have against that player (provided that option is enabled).

It will also produce an audible ding on mouseover to inform you of a player you have a record with (if you have the ding sound enabled).

At this time a message is also displayed overhead with your record (if you have the display enabled).

When targetting a player you have a PvP record with, your record will be displayed below the target window.

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