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Advanced Character & Guild Profiler for the World of Warcraft
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You can view the open source project at -
For corrections and/or suggestions -

	What is WoWRoster?

	WoWRoster is a profiler which retrieves and stores data gathered from WoW through the use of authorized addons
	(WoWRoster-Profiler , WoWRoster-GuildProfiler , and PvPLog)

	WoWRoster then organizes all of the data, provides a suite of presentations for the gathered data,
	and houses a base for addons to access and manipulate roster data, displays addon links in the Roster menu,
	and presents output to users.

	Check out our WiKi -

	Bug reports, feature requests, installation issues, general discussion
	- just about anything can be directed to the forums:

	If you're using WoWRoster, we'd love to hear from you.  If you have a moment, post your site in
	the forum.

	We only accept donations for hosting/bandwidth costs for
	We do this out of the kindness of our hearts and your happiness is enough payment :)

	See the INSTALL.TXT file for detailed information.

	WoWRoster is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.
	Please see LICENCE.TXT for more info.

	Props to Celandro, Paleblackness, Pytte, Rubricsinger, and Konkers for the original code used for this site
	Special thanks to calvin from for his wonderfull addons CharacterProfiler and GuildProfiler
	Thanks to Ulminia for creating WoWRoster-Profiler and WoWRoster-GuildProfiler

	To the DEVs of Roster, for helping to build and maintain the package. You Rock!

	Thanks to all the coders who have contributed code, bug fixes, time, and testing of WoWRoster

The WoWRoster Dev Team
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