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WOZitech Microservice Reference AWS Repo

To install/Use


Run npm install.

Configure Serverless Framework

Setup the serverless AWS configuration with given AWS IAM user (programmable) with key/secret - ./node_modules/.bin/serverless config credentials --provider aws --key <your key> --secret '<your secret>' --profile serverless-admin.

Continuous Build/Monitor

Build and monitor the project by running npm run dev; note, this is best done is a separate "split" terminal.

Local Run of Handler

With the project having been built successfully (lib folder created), run the lambda hanlder locally:

cd src/local
node hello

Expect to see:

About to call hello handler

Inside hello.handler

Hello.Handler returned: { statusCode: 200, body: '{"message":"Go Serverless v1.0! Your function executed successfully!","input":{"param1":"hello"}}' }

Unit Tests

Run npm test.


Run npm run deploy:development, and check in AWS lambda Console for microservice-reference-development-hello and the AWS API Gateway (GW) Console for development-microservice-reference.

Go ahead, nagivate through the AWS API GW Console through the development stage to /hello to get the randomised URL and then invoke that URL.

Note, variants exist to simply package (ready for alternative deployment - e.g. Jenkins/terraform/cloudformation). Check out package.json.


Basic node.js project, includes:

  • serverless framework - with example hello node.js function
  • jest - unit test, with basic test on hello.handler
  • babel - for compiling ES6 code for node.js < V10x (V6.x and V8.x) - allows for using import
  • webpack - for compiling down ES6, actually used handler code, in lib folder along with serverless.yml; note, CI/CD style deployment would pick up from the lib folder
  • package.json - custom scripts for linting, dev (including monitoring for changes), building and various serverless helpers for packaging and deploying
  • local call script to run code without deploying (lambda functions are nothing more than local function calls in the cloud)
  • this readme and new public git repo on; initialised and committed initial framework


  • Set AWS region and the profile name (matching the serverless config profile name - from above)
  • Customised the packaging - individually ZIP packages and excluding all dev dependencies (no node_modules!) to ensure the smallest package files to upload to AWS
  • Customised handler, adding event::http for APIGW access


  • Using serverless deploy for deployment (rather than custom 'automated' CloudFormation processor)
  • Using serverless auto generated IAM roles (rather than custom CloudFormation templates - separating dev and ops)
  • Not using AWS APIGW "custom domain"; so resolvable only by AWS GW random name
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