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enekogb commented Mar 3, 2016

Using the theme list command without url parameter shows if a theme is enabled for the network and active in the default site.

If you pass the url of a site of the network, this command shows if a theme is active in that site.

But i can't find a way to list which themes are inactive in every site of the network so i can safely disable and delete them, and i'd love to have this feature


I wrote a standalone command for you to use. If you upgrade to WP-CLI's nightly release wp cli update --nightly, you can install the package and run it locally:

salty-wordpress ➜  .wp-cli  wp package install danielbachhuber/wp-find-unused-themes-command
Installing danielbachhuber/wp-find-unused-themes-command (dev-master)
Updating /home/vagrant/.wp-cli/packages/composer.json to require the package...
Using Composer to install the package...
 - Installing package
Success: Package installed successfully.
salty-wordpress ➜  .wp-cli  j wordpress-test
salty-wordpress ➜  wp find-unused-themes
Checking for unused themes...
Checking for unused themes...
Checking for unused themes...
Checking for unused themes...
| name           | version |
| apples         | 1.0.0   |
| customizr      | 3.4.6   |
| twentyeleven   | 2.2     |
| twentyfourteen | 1.6     |
| twentysixteen  | 1.0     |
| twentythirteen | 1.5     |
| twentytwelve   | 1.8     |

Feel free to open an issue in the project repo if you have any specific questions about it.

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