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Release Checklist

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This page describes the list of activities that developers must perform to produce a new release of WP-CLI.

Updating WP-CLI

Make sure that the contents of VERSION are changed to latest. The file must not have any trailing whitespace.

Locking php-cli-tools version

php-cli-tools is set to dev-master during the development cycle. During the WP-CLI release process, composer.json should be locked to a specific version. php-cli-tools may need a new version tagged as well.

Updating the contributor list

Use ./utils/contrib-list to see new contributors. Update the .mailmap file so that the names match their github handles.

When done, use sort .mailmap -f -u -o .mailmap to only add new contributors.

Updating the Phar build

1) Create a git tag and push it.

2) Create a stable Phar build:

cd wp-cli-builds/phar
cp wp-cli-nightly.phar wp-cli.phar
md5 -q wp-cli.phar > wp-cli.phar.md5

3) Create a release on Github: Make sure to upload the Phar from the builds directory.

Updating the Debian build

1) Run this script:

2) Commit file to builds repo

Updating the Homebrew formula

A pull request must be submitted to the Homebrew repo. See for background.

Updating the website


Writing the release post

Use ./utils/contrib-list -l to generate the list of contributors.

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