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@danielbachhuber danielbachhuber Trailing whitespace doesn't matter. We trim. c8a77d6
@renatofrota renatofrota Adding to hosting companies list that have wp-cli preinstalled 076774d
@ChrisReid ChrisReid Brew repo was not found. Updated repo in ReadMe. b33b7a4
@danielbachhuber danielbachhuber Homebrew instructions a5c6f8f
@alanthing alanthing Update brew instructions 48cc3cb
@danielbachhuber danielbachhuber Updated Release Checklist (markdown) ef3c000
@amallory amallory Making it clearer how to call a custom command using --require parameter. a11ee3d
@methnen methnen Switched the --dir to the end on the change directory example because it was in the wrong place. af96f3c
@Brugman Brugman Added WP-CLI GUI to Misc. 7166186
@condalator condalator Fixing the link to the MediaTemple article. 0fb4a2d
@darkliquid darkliquid Change php-cli-tools link to the correct one 6e06f22
@balbuf balbuf Clarify that flags can be passed as true or false. e2e0d08
@mavin mavin Update the nightly build url fefdf41
@bmackinney bmackinney Added Pantheon 2c0fadc
@thingsym thingsym Updated List of community commands (markdown) 3cec5d0
@scribu scribu removed link to unrelated bash/python script 1305c40
@fjarrett fjarrett Adding `stream` to list of available community commands 3ab6919
@thaicloud thaicloud Add more-plugin-info plugin to list b73d0c5
@danielbachhuber danielbachhuber Package Index is unavailable at this time. 7101650
@wheath wheath Updated List of community commands (markdown) e94ee07
@miya0001 miya0001 Add `csv` command 17938b6
@andreascreten andreascreten Added upon their request fdaef56
@wheath wheath making it look better 59f4e30
@wheath wheath Created an ACF command that creates field groups, fields, and populates those fields group with an example bash script a8f8a52
@tnorthcutt tnorthcutt Oops. wp-git-helper is not defined in a plugin. Sorry! 99a1eb3
@tnorthcutt tnorthcutt Added git helper 23298eb
@szepeviktor szepeviktor Added suwp 560b610
MarkGavalda Added Kinsta, as wp-cli is installed everywhere by default. 27fd87b
@nyordanov nyordanov Changes following #1539 351971e
@Tarendai Tarendai make it easier to find how to make your own 8fa730c
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