forked from forumone/wp-cfm

Manage and deploy WordPress configuration changes

Updated Feb 11, 2016


forked from ajschlosser/wordpress-jade-template

A template for creating WordPress themes using Gulp with Jade, Sass, and Compass. This supports Zurb Foundation. For a Bootstrap version, see https://github.com/ajschlosser/wordpress-jade-bootstrap-template

Updated Aug 31, 2015

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forked from viniwrubleski/jade-php

Updated Dec 9, 2014

JavaScript 0 1


forked from raisonon/bulk-deactivate

Bulk deactivate and activate WordPress plugins

Updated Nov 5, 2014


forked from uncatcrea/wp-appkit

WP App Kit Wordpress plugin

Updated Oct 8, 2014


forked from twilio/twilio-php

A PHP library for communicating with the Twilio REST API and generating TwiML. Need help? Post your questions to http://getsatisfaction.com/twilio or email us at help@twilio.com

Updated Aug 26, 2014


forked from xyu/heroku-wp

WordPress on Heroku

Updated Aug 10, 2014


forked from moderntribe/S3-Site-Backups

Archive and backup a website/database using Amazon S3

Updated Jun 30, 2014


forked from DevinVinson/WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate

[WordPress] A foundation for WordPress Plugin Development that aims to provide a clear and consistent guide for building your plugins.

Updated Jun 26, 2014

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forked from manovotny/wptest

WP Test - The Best Tests For WordPress

Updated Jun 13, 2014


forked from iandunn/WordPress-Plugin-Skeleton

The skeleton for an object-oriented/MVC WordPress plugin

Updated May 19, 2014


forked from Rarst/fragment-cache

WordPress plugin for partial and async caching of heavy front-end elements.

Updated Mar 26, 2014


forked from manovotny/wp-gist

Adds support for GitHub Gist embeds to WordPress.

Updated Mar 11, 2014


forked from markjaquith/WP-Stack

A toolkit for creating professional WordPress deployments

Updated Mar 7, 2014


forked from roots/bedrock

Modern WordPress stack that gets you started with the best development tools, practices, and project structure

Updated Mar 1, 2014


forked from Automattic/_s

Hi. I'm a starter theme called _s, or underscores, if you like. I'm a theme meant for hacking so don't use me as a Parent Theme. Instead try turning me into the next, most awesome, WordPress theme out there. That's what I'm here for.

Updated Feb 27, 2014

Puppet 0 222


forked from vagrantpress/vagrantpress

A WordPress Development Environment With Vagrant/Puppet

Updated Feb 25, 2014


forked from crowdfavorite/wp-cf-popup

Updated Feb 17, 2014


forked from scribu/wp-scb-framework

Utilities for speeding up WordPress plugin and theme development

Updated Jan 23, 2014


WordPress.org Plugin Mirror

Updated Dec 18, 2013

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