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Sample code to help customize WP Document Revisions. Once adapted to your organizations needs the files in the cookbook should be dropped into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (or a sub-directory thereof) and activated like any plugin would.

  1. Third Party Encryption - example of how to integrate at rest encryption using third-party tools
  2. Audit Trail - creates check in / check out audit trail
  3. Bulk Import - how to batch import a directory (or other list) of files as documents
  4. Change Tracker - Auto-generates and appends revision summaries for changes to taxonomies, title, and visibility'
  5. Document Parent - Creates UI for selecting document's post parent (useful for querying on the front-end like attachments)
  6. Filetype Taxonomy - Adds support to filter by filetype
  7. Network Admin - Provides interface to set document upload directory when plugin is not network activated on multisite installs
  8. Remove Date from Permalink - Remove the automatically prepended /yyyy/mm/ from document links
  9. Rename Documents - changes all references to "Documents" in the interface to any label of your choosing
  10. State Change Notification - how to use document api to allow the author to receive notification whenever his or her document changes workflow states
  11. Taxonomy Permissions - allows setting user-level permissions and access control based on document being in a given workflow state or other custom taxonomy such as department

Code Cookbook Alumni (Deprecated functions now included with the plugin by default):

  1. Recently Revised Widget - example of how to list recently revised documents in a widget
  2. Revision Shortcode - Code sample to demonstrate short code to list revisions
  3. Edit Flow Support - detect and integrate with Edit Flow, when present
  4. Remove Workflow States - Completely removes Workflow state taxonomy backend and UI

See also, the full set up custom plugins used to power a peer reviewed scholarly publication's workflow.


Sample Code for Common WP Document Revision Implimentations







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