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Latest commit 4cc5192 Sep 26, 2016 @misulicus misulicus committed on GitHub Fix for custom checkout fields for gateways
Fixes #2160
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bin Unit test scaffold Jul 16, 2014
images fix(gateways): changed paypal pro image Mar 26, 2015
tests Update test paths. May 28, 2016
wpsc-admin Make sure Quick edit custom fields work again Sep 22, 2016
wpsc-components Fix for custom checkout fields for gateways Sep 26, 2016
wpsc-core Turn shipping off by default. Having shipping enabled should be part … May 28, 2016
wpsc-includes Return empty headers in Admin settings are not filled Sep 15, 2016
wpsc-languages Update Turkish, Croation, and Chinese Po/Mo files. They have always b… Nov 7, 2015
wpsc-merchants Set Shipwire cache key function to static, as it is only ever called … May 27, 2016
wpsc-shipping Docs update for Shipwire. May 28, 2016
wpsc-taxes turns out, you can break quite a bit of stuff in a single commit. Nov 4, 2015
wpsc-theme Fancy Notifications Module (take 2) (#2038) May 20, 2016
wpsc-updates Resolve merge conflcits between our translation updates and PR #2012 Oct 28, 2015
wpsc-widgets change textdomain from 'wpsc' to 'wp-e-commerce' Oct 28, 2015
.gitignore Product list (#2102) May 31, 2016
.jshintrc Add .jshintrc file Nov 28, 2014
.travis.yml Version bump Nov 3, 2015
CONTRIBUTING.md Initial Contributing.md Apr 27, 2015
Gruntfile.js Minor cleanup on Gruntfile.js May 27, 2016
license.txt Adding in 3.8 as new trunk! Mar 31, 2011
package.json Use grunt to process sass and generate minified files, etc. (#2096) May 27, 2016
phpunit.xml Make it easier to run all tests without stopping at first error/warning Jul 17, 2014
readme.md Version bump to 3.11.2. Dec 28, 2015
readme.txt Update changelog and minimum requirement for WordPress. We'll be usin… May 23, 2016
screenshot-1.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI. Dec 20, 2013
screenshot-2.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI. Dec 20, 2013
screenshot-3.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI. Dec 20, 2013
screenshot-4.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI. Dec 20, 2013
wp-shopping-cart.php Bump version. May 23, 2016


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WP eCommerce is a free open-source WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online.

More details about this plugin features can be found on our website at wpecommerce.org.

User documentation can be found at docs.wpecommerce.org.

If you're looking for general user support, please submit your support request on our community support forums.

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