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WP eCommerce Plugin - The most popular and robust e-Commerce solution for WordPress

images Remove deep-seated Google Checkout references.
wpsc-admin Merge branch 'master' of
wpsc-components Merge branch 'master' of
wpsc-core Merge branch 'master' of
wpsc-includes Region dropdown missing sub-array element
wpsc-languages Merge pull request #1384 from Stepanov-Sergey/patch-3
wpsc-merchants Add filterable IPN validation routine for PayPal Standard. Fixes #1232,
wpsc-shipping Use WP_HTTP API in USPS. Works on servers without curl now. Nifty.
wpsc-taxes Added logic to reformat regions array into the format used within the…
wpsc-theme We no longer hide the row that contains the shipping region, we opera…
wpsc-updates Make sure checkout form unique name is actually unique
wpsc-widgets Pinkin shears
.gitignore Add .gitignore file.
license.txt Adding in 3.8 as new trunk! Tag
readme.txt Standardize on WP eCommerce
screenshot-1.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI.
screenshot-2.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI.
screenshot-3.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI.
screenshot-4.png Update screenshots for WordPress 3.8 UI.
wp-shopping-cart.php Update/refine some keywords and spacing.

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WP eCommerce is a free open-source WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online.

More details about this plugin features can be found on our website at

User documentation can be found at

If you're looking for general user support, please submit your support request on our community support forums.

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