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+# Contributing to WP eCommerce
+Howdy! We're glad you're interested in contributing to WP eCommerce. Read on to make sure you follow all the steps required to successfully submit an issue or patch to the repository.
+*This is not a place to submit support requests, this is a code repository to submit code bugs and code patches. Support tickets can be created here:*
+Before you submit an issue
+1. Check for duplicate issues in the repo
+2. Make sure you have the latest version of WP eCommerce running in your local enviroment
+3. Fork the WP eCommerce repo in order to create Pull Requests.
+Reporting a bug
+1. Specify the version number for both WordPress and WP eCommerce
+2. Describe the issue with great detail, be specific about the problem you see.
+3. If this is a browser issue, make sure to mention which browser you have trouble on.
+4. If this is a visual bug, please make sure to add a screenshot.
+5. if you create a Pull Request for this issue, make sure to attach the Pull Request created to the issue.
+[Labels and Workflow](

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