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WP Hotelier

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Welcome to the WP Hotelier GitHub repository. The documentation for the WP Hotelier plugin can be found on, here you can browse the source of the project, find and discuss open issues.


For detailed setup instructions, visit the official WP Hotelier Documentation website.

  1. Clone the GitHub repository:
  2. Or download it directly as a ZIP file:

Like any other WordPress plugin, place it in /wp-content/plugins/ (the extracted wp-hotelier folder).

NPM usage

This repository comes with a ready to use package.json file that allows you to run and watch some powerful tasks. You can compile your Sass files, minimize your scripts, preview your changes and so on.

The first thing you need to do is install the npm dependencies. So, with the terminal cd into the wp-hotelier folder and run npm install.

To make your life easier, the project uses a .npmrc file (not included in this repo) to pass the project configuration values. So, create a .npmrc file in the root of the wp-hotelier folder and adjust the following settings:


Settings in detail:

  • WPHOTELIER_URL: proxy URL to view your site; more info here
  • WPHOTELIER_SYNCDEST: rsync destination; for example username@hostname:/var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-hotelier

Tasks included

There are five tasks you can run during the development of WP Hotelier. And four of them (build, build-sync, build-server and build-sync-server) watch for changes.


This task compiles Sass files, optimizes the CSS, lints and minimizes the Javascript files and generates the pot file of WP Hotelier. Just run this command in the terminal:

npm run build


Same as the build task plus the possibility to sync the wp-hotelier folder with another folder in a different server or VM. Useful to sync a local wp-hotelier folder with the folder in wp-content/plugins/wp-hotelier (in another server or VM). You need to specify a correct destination and SSH port in the .npmrc file: WPHOTELIER_SYNCDEST and WPHOTELIER_SSHPORT.

Run this command in the terminal:

npm run build-sync


Same as the build task plus the possibility to sync your WP installation across multiple devices with Browsersync. You need to specify a correct proxy URL in the .npmrc file: WPHOTELIER_URL.

Run this command in the terminal:

npm run build-server


All the previous three tasks together.

Run this command in the terminal:

npm run build-sync-server


Run this command to create a zip file containing the production files:

npm run dist

Scope of this repository

This repository is not suitable for support. But for issues related to WP Hotelier (core plugin only). Please don't submit support requests, use the official support channels for that:

Support requests or issues related to extensions or themes will be closed immediately.