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=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: ZooEffect
Tags: ZooEffect, 1plugin, jquery, HTML5, buddypress, photos, flash, flv, slideshow, images, amazon, gallery, media, cooliris, admin, posts, WPtouch, photo-albums, pictures, plugin, widget, photo, picture, s3, music, playlists, playlist, sidebar, ajax, video, vidavee, iphone, cms, ipod, smooth gallery, nextgen, javascript, embed, menus, analytics, media library, itunes, mu, podpress, lightbox, podpress, podcast, flowplayer, jw player, comments, twitter, page, google, links, image
Requires at least: 2.0.2
Tested up to: 3.6

Photo Gallery with slideshow function, video players, music and podcast, many templates (players) and powerfull admin to manage your media assets without any program skills. Delivery using state of the art CDN (Content Delivery Network) included.

== Description ==

Are you looking for a professional plugin to manage and display photos, videos and audio in your site ? Try ZooEffect - Free [Visit our showcase page >>]( :

= Templates and Skins =
* [Flowplayer Video Player]( ** fully customizable (CDN included)
* [SmoothGallery Image Slideshow]( ** smooth...
* [Galleriffic jQuery Photos and Video Gallery]( ** beautiful
* [Music and Audio Players jPlayer HTML5]( ** great quality
* [jQuery Image and Video Gallery]( ** many templates
* iPhone iPad Android ** compatible

= Other features =
*  Many templates and players to choose from
*  Manage your galleries using a cool interface
*  Inline editing to customize your gallery directly from your site
*  Fast and unlimited hosting to make your gallery load fast
*  jQuery galleries ensure that your site will work on any mobile device
*  Add caption and description to your gallery 
*  Every items in your gallery can be a link to a post
*  Simple and automatic embed code
*  Domain lock to protect your media assets
*  Support iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

For comments, questions and support use this email [](

== Installation ==

<li>Click download (on the right) to download the zip package</li>
<li>Unzip the downloaded package and upload the <code><span style="font-family: Consolas">1-jquery-photo-gallery-slideshow-flash</span></code> folder into the <code><span style="font-family: Consolas">wp-content/plugins/</span></code> directory</li>

<li>Log into your WordPress admin panel</li>
<li>Activate the plugin (named '1 Plugin Jquery') through the &#8216;Plugins&#8217; menu in WordPress (if you are upgrading from an earlier version, make sure to de-activate and re-activate the plugin so that all options are updated)</li>
<li>Go to your post/page and click on the 1 icon</li>

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What's the deal with HTML5 and jQuery (or is Flash dead) ? =

As you may already know Flash is out and HTML5 is in, Adobe (the creator of Flash) will no longer develop it for mobile devices and will start to develop on HTML5.

What this means for you is that every Flash gallery that you use in your blog will not work on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and many of the Android devices. Most mobile phones will also not support Flash. All together you lose about 20% of your visitors (if your site is about mobile expect even more than 20%).

This plugin is all about the future and supporting any device out there, we do that by using native Javascript, jQuery and HTML5. In some cases (like video for example) the plugin will use Flash when supported by the browser but will switch to HTML5 when not.

** Stay away from Flash! **

= Do I need to register to any external service ? =

No, this plugin is completely integrated with Wordpress dashboard

== Screenshots ==

1. Portfolio – Photographer
2. Images from an event with lightbox
3. Smooth Gallery - Wedding album
4. Image grid with lightbox - Tutorial
5. Web design agency or freelancer
6. Image grid for Blog post
7. Portfolio with lightbox – Artist 
8. Image gallery - great for Travel album

== Changelog ==

= 1.04 =

* New site
* Compatible with WordPress 3.3.1
* Bug fix

= 1.03 =

* Permission menu control
* Bug fix
* Add screenshots

= 1.02 =

* Tested with WordPress 3.3
* New HTML5 Music Players (looks great on iPad too)

= 1.01 =

* Video support added
* audio and podcast
* user roles bug fix

= 1.0 =

* First version

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