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=== 22 Social Buttons ===
Contributors: sAlexIam
Donate link:
Tags: social, buttons, unique, links, link, url, urls, plugin, twitter, tweet, rewrite, shorturl, hoplink, hop, shortlink, short, shorten, click, clicks, track, tracking, tiny, tinyurl, budurl, shrinking, domain, shrink, mask, masking, cloak, cloaking, slug, slugs, admin, administration, stats, statistics, stat, statistic, email, ajax, javascript, ui, csv, download, page, post, pages, posts, shortcode, seo, automation, widget, widgets, dashboard
Requires at least: 3.3.1
Tested up to: 3.6.1
Stable tag: 1.0
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

With this plugin you can easy set cool 22 social buttons

== Description ==

Just choose a button, set title and url and get code - that's it! Try it now! (3,500 downloads. Thank you!)

= 22 social buttons =

All you need usefull buttons in one plugin!!

== Installation ==

### How to install ###
1. Download the ZIP package.
2. Open WordPress admin and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Browse for the ZIP file on your computer and hit “Install Now”.
3. Activate the plugin.

== Frequently asked questions ==

== Screenshots ==

1. 22 Social Buttons

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
* Initial release.

== Upgrade Notice ==
= 1.0 =
* Initial release.
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