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=== Website Popups ===
Contributors: atajsekandar, cosminatanasiu 
Tags: easy, easily, create, creator, popups creator, popups creator, create popups,SEO, SEO Optimization, page,  post, posts, pages, improve, conversions, improve conversions, online, marketing, plugin, plugins, online marketing, tool, admin, administration, analytics, button, dashboard, integration, social, media, social media, tracking, track, editor, popups editor, popups builder, facebook, like, likes, facebook likes, facebook like, gating, like gating, facebook like gating, facebook, twitter, host, hosting, embed, embedding, embedded, wordpress, images, image, builder, manage, simple, integration, easy, quick, template, templates, popup templates, popup template, page templates, page template, auto, automatic, responsive

Donate Link: N/A
Requires at least: 3.0.0
Tested up to: 4.0.1
Stable tag: 1.0.0
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

== Description ==

> Create great any type of [Website Popup](http://corp.wishpond.com/website-popups "Wishpond Website Popup Builder") on your wordpress platform in seconds! Use one of our many responsive templates, run A/B tests, promote them with ads and much more.

> This plugin can be used with the [Ads Campaigns](http://wordpress.org/plugins/ads-campaigns/ "Create Retargeting and Facebook Ads campaigns with one click") and the [Social Contests](http://wordpress.org/plugins/wishpond-social-campaigns/ "Run social campaigns on wordpress") plugins to generate leads.

Create a [Website Popup](http://corp.wishpond.com/website-popus "Website Popup Builder") from your Wordpress site. Add them to Wordpress pages or embed them where you like. Get new leads, improve conversion rates, and manage all your [website popups](http://corp.wishpond.com/website-popups "Website Popup Builder") in one place.

**Five Types of website popup**
Entry, Exit, Click, Timed and Javascript-triggered popups.

**Free Trial & Pricing**
A 14-day free trial is available on all annual plans, after which pricing starts at just $45/month. You can learn more about our pricing plans [here](http://corp.wishpond.com/pricing-plans/ "Pricing").

**Also Includes:**
Website Forms: A tool that makes it easy to build, publish and a/b test forms on your website, blog or facebook page, using flexible, mobile-responsive templates.

Landing Pages: A tool that makes it easy to build, publish and a/b test landing pages on your website, blog or facebook page, using flexible, mobile-responsive templates.

[Check out what our customers said about us](http://corp.wishpond.com/reviews/ "Customer Reviews")

**Choose the best Template for you, to have a popup running in minutes!**

**Create your Website Popup in Minutes**

- No coding required. Create your [Website Popup](http://corp.wishpond.com/website-popups "Website Popup Builder") with just a few clicks

- Use our Responsive Templates to get the best results
- Publish to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter & your Website with a click
- 100% Mobile-ready. Works on all iPhones, iPads & Android Devices.
- Wishpond's Free Page Buddy System gives precise feedback to maximize conversion.

**Custom Form Fields**

- Collect Emails, Phone Numbers & more with custom entry forms.
- Export leads to your Email Marketing or CRM service with a click.

**Analyze, Segment & Follow-up.**

- Track views, sign ups & conversion rate in real-time.
- A/B Split Test different copy and page elements to maximize conversion.
- Send email automation campaigns to leads to turn them into customers.
- Export your contact list to your Email or CRM service.

== Installation ==

1. Download and unzip the Wordpress Popups plugin.
2. Upload the 'website-popups' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
4. You will now have a new Popups link in your admin menu.
5. To create a Popup, click the "Add New" link in your wordpress administrator menu, under "Popups", and continue from there. If a login window appears, sign-up or sign in with your e-mail and password.

= Adding to any Website or Wordpress site =
7. Go to "Popups" to view all your wishpond campaigns which include your popups
8. Select the popup you wish to use
9. Follow the instructions on the popup page to add the popup anywhere

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Do I need to have a Wishpond account set up already? =

No, you can create your free account through the plugin, or you can simply use the provided guest account

= Is the 14-day free trial shared with the other Wishpond plugins? =

When you sign up for a free trial with any wishpond plugins, the subscription and trial is shared among all your plugins.

When the trial expires you will begin a paid subscription period. If you do not wish to begin a paid subscription period, please cancel your pricing plan within the 14-days of free trial. When you cancel a plan, you can still use our [Facebook Ads](http://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-ads/ "Create Facebook Ads for your wordpress with one button" plugin as before.

The [Facebook Ads](http://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-ads/ "Create Facebook Ads for your wordpress with one button") plugin doesn't require a subscription and therefore doesn't have a trial.

= Can I use the Wordpress Websie Popups for free? =

Yes, you can try it completely free for the first 14 days.

= How much does it cost to run a popup? =

* You can run unlimited popups for FREE for the first 14 days
* Running popups is extremely cost effective. This plugin lets you use features that aren't available on any other plugin.
* You can learn more about our pricing [here](http://corp.wishpond.com/pricing-plans/ "Pricing")

= What kind of support do I get ? =

Wishpond campaigns are extremely easy and fast to set up. If you ever need assistance, we are available to you through live chat, email, and phone support.

= Do I need to set up any wordpress configuration options for this plugin ?=
If you want to hostAll you need is to make sure that the Permalinks are set to "Post Name" or "Custom Structure". You would verify this in Settings->Permalinks.

= Where are Popups stored ? =
Your Popups are stored on Wishpond, so that you can add email automation, ad campaigns and other features to your Popups.

= How do I delete a Popup ? =
After you create a Popup, you can view it under "Popups". Click on the Popup you wish to delete. This will take you to a new page where you will find a "Delete" link at the bottom of the page.

= I can't publish a popup on a page, what's wrong ? =
First, make sure the script provided by the popup is present on the page. Second, make sure the URL specified in the popup editor is matches the page where you installed the script. Then, check the type of popup and make sure you're using the right trigger. For example, if you're using a click popup, you have to make sure the link that triggers the popup is present on the page. You then have to click that link to get the popup to fire.

= What are guest users ? =
If you want to try out the plugin, simply go in Popups->Settings and click on the checkbox right next to "Guest User", then click "Save Changes". This will make the plugin automatically create a wishpond account for you, with an anonymous e-mail address, so that you can try the test the plugin before signing up.

= I have another question, what do I do? =

Contact us anytime! If you ever need a question, email us at [support@wishpond.com](mailto://support@wishpond.com "Wishpond Support"), contact us through our phone support, or just use the live chat available to you directly through this plugin.

== Screenshots ==
1. A Popup created with this plugin
2. View Wishpond Dashboard
3. Create a Popup - Step 1: select one of the many templates to use
4. Create a Popup - Step 2: edit your template to match your needs
5. Create a Popup - Step 3: Customize Popup Advanced Options
6. Create a Popup - Step 4: Embed the popup wherever you want it to appear
7. View Popup Page
8. View wishpond popups
9. Popup Analytics

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 1.0 =
* The first version. The big bang. Where it all began.

== Changelog ==
= 1.0 =
* The first version. The big bang. Where it all began.