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WPGlobus - Multilingual Everything!

Contributors: tivnetinc, alexgff, tivnet
Donate link:
Tags: bilingual, globalization, i18n, international, l10n, localization, multilanguage, multilingual, language switcher, translate, translation, WPGlobus
Requires at least: 4.2
Tested up to: 4.3.2
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPLv2
License URI:

Multilingual / Globalization: URL-based multilanguage; easy translation interface, compatible with Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack and ACF!


WPGlobus is a family of WordPress plugins assisting you in making bilingual / multilingual WordPress blogs and sites.


The WPGlobus Free Core plugin provides you with the main multilingual tools.

  • Manually translate posts, pages, categories, tags menus and widgets; NOTE: WPGlobus does NOT translate texts automatically! To see how it works, please read the Quick Start Guide;
  • Add one or several languages to your WP blog/site using custom combinations of country flags, locales and language names;
  • Enable multilingual SEO features of Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins;
  • Switch the languages at the front-end using: a drop-down menu extension and/or a customizable widget with various display options;
  • Switch the Administrator interface language using a top bar selector;

The WPGlobus plugin serves as the foundation to other plugins in the family.

Free Add-ons

Premium Extensions

  • WooCommerce WPGlobus: adds multilingual capabilities to WooCommerce-based online stores.
  • WPGlobus Plus: adds URL fine-tuning, publishing status per translation, multilingual Yoast SEO analysis and more.

Compatibility with Themes

WPGlobus works correctly with all themes that apply proper filtering before outputting content. Some themes incorporate 3rd party plugins (e.g., sliders, forms, composers) - not all of them are 100% multilingual-ready. When you see elements that cannot be translated, please let the theme / plugin authors know. We are ready to help them.

More information:


IMPORTANT: WPGlobus will not work if your URLs look like or

Please go to Settings->Permalinks and change the permalink structure to non-default and with no index.php in it. If you are unable to do that for some reason, please talk to your hosting provider / systems administrator.

Developing on localhost or custom ports

WPGlobus may not work correctly on development servers having URLs like //localhost/mysite or on custom ports like // Please use a proper domain name (a fake one from /etc/hosts is OK) and port 80.

More info and ways to contact the WPGlobus Development Team

Admin interface translations:

de_DE by Tobias Hopp ~ WPGlobus ist ein Paket von mehreren WordPress-Plugins, die Möglichkeiten zur Übersetzung von Wordpress-Installationen bieten.

es_ES by Patricia Casado ~ WPGlobus es una familia de plugins de WordPress que ayudan en la traducción de blogs de WordPress.

fr_FR by FX Bénard ~ WPGlobus fait partie des extensions WordPress qui vous aident à rendre les blogs et les sites WordPress multilingues.

pl_PL by Maciej Gryniuk ~ WPGlobus jest rodziną wtyczek do WordPress'a pomocnych w tworzeniu wielojęzycznych blogów i stron na WordPress'ie.

ru_RU by The WPGlobus Team ~ WPGlobus - это коллекция плагинов ВордПресс для создания мультиязычных сайтов.

sv_SE by Elger Lindgren ~ WPGlobus är en familj av WordPress-tillägg som hjälper dig att göra flerspråkiga Wordpressbloggar och webbplatser.

tr_TR by Borahan Conkeroglu ~ WPGlobus WordPress bloglarını ve sitelerini çokdilli yapmakta size yardım eden bir WordPress eklentileri ailesidir.

Please help us translate WPGlobus into your language!


You can install this plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
  2. Search for WPGlobus.
  3. Click Install Now next to the WPGlobus plugin.
  4. Activate the plugin.

Alternatively, see the guide to Manually Installing Plugins.

Then please read the Quick Start Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these first:

From the WPGlobus FAQ Archives:


1. Welcome screen.

Welcome screen.

2. Settings panel.

Settings panel.

3. Languages setup.

Languages setup.

4. Attaching language switcher to a menu.

Attaching language switcher to a menu.

5. Editing post in multiple languages.

Editing post in multiple languages.

6. Multilingual Yoast SEO and Featured Images.

Multilingual Yoast SEO and Featured Images.

7. Language Switcher widget and Multilingual Editor dialog.

Language Switcher widget and Multilingual Editor dialog.

8. Multilingual WooCommerce store powered by WooCommerce WPGlobus.

Multilingual WooCommerce store powered by WooCommerce WPGlobus.

Upgrade Notice

No known backward incompatibility issues.



  • FIXED:
    • Removed double slashes in URLs.
    • Load minimized JS in customizer.
    • Using class for globe icon instead of id.
    • Rewriting the array of classes.
    • Minor css improvements.


  • FIXED:
    • Disabled Uninstall procedure. Will be refactored in the future.
    • Disable notice on non-existent [key][key] in WPML config.



  • FIXED:
    • Correct extracting domain_tld for two-part TLDs like
    • Customizer error. Thanks to shark0der.
  • ADDED:
    • pl_PL admin interface translation.
    • wpglobus-config.json configuration file for theme options, with WPML compatibility.
    • wpglobus-current-language CSS class to the menu.


  • FIXED:
    • Minor admin JS bug.


  • FIXED:
    • Updater bug "cannot delete old plugin files".
    • Broken Welsh flag cy.png (Thanks to Tudor Thomas).


  • FIXED:
    • de_DE admin interface properly translated.
    • Broken links to from admin pages.
  • ADDED:
    • tr_TR admin interface translation.
    • es and fr enabled by default.
    • All In One SEO Pack
    • ACF Pro 5.3.0

Earlier versions


Demo Sites

    • Bilingual site using a variety of posts, pages, custom post types, forms, a slider and a WooCommerce store with Subscription and API extensions.
  • Site in subfolder:
    • Demonstration of two WPGlobus-powered sites, one of which is installed in a subfolder of another. Shows the correct behavior of WPGlobus with URLs like
  • WooCommerce Multilingual:
    • A multilingual WooCommerce site powered by the woocommerce-wpglobus plugin.
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