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Package wp-pot
Description Generate pot files for WordPress plugins and themes.

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npm install --save-dev wp-pot

Example usage

PHP File Parsing

const wpPot = require('wp-pot');

  destFile: 'file.pot',
  domain: 'domain',
  package: 'Example project',
  src: 'src/*.php'

JS File Parsing (only js, no jsx for now)

  parser: 'js',
  parserOptions: {
    ecmaVersion: 6,
  src: 'test/fixtures/edge-cases.js'


All options is optional

  • bugReport Description: Header with URL for reporting translation bugs. Type: string Default: undefined
  • commentKeyword Description: Keyword to trigger translator comment. Type: string Default: translators:
  • copyrightText Description: Copyright text Type: function|string Default: A function that takes options object as a argument and return the default copyright text.
  • domain Description: Domain to retrieve the translated text. All textdomains is included if undefined. Type: string Default: undefined
  • destFile Description: Filename for template file. Type: string Default: domain.pot or translations.pot if domain is undefined.
  • headers Description: Object containing all default headers. Set to false to not generate the default extra headers for Poedit. Type: object|bool Default: Headers used by Poedit.
  • gettextFunctions Description: Gettext functions used for finding translations. Type: object Default: WordPress translation functions.
  • includePOTCreationDate Description: Auto-populate the POT-Creation-Date header. Type: bool Default: true
  • lastTranslator Description: Name and email address of the last translator (ex: John Doe <>). Type: string Default: undefined
  • metadataFile Description: Path to file containing plugin/theme metadata header relative to relativeTo Type: string Default: undefined
  • noFilePaths Description: Do not print out file references in pot file. Type: bool Default: false
  • package Description: Package name. Type: string Default: domain or unnamed project if domain is undefined.
  • parser Description: PHP or JS parser Type: string Default: php
  • parserOptions Description: Options for the JS parser Espree. See here. Type: object Default: { comment: true, loc: true }
  • relativeTo Description: Path to folder that file comments should be relative to. Type: string Default: destFile location or current working directory if destFile is undefined.
  • src Description: Glob or globs to match files Type: string|array Default: **/*.php
  • globOpts Description: node-glob options object to be passed through. Type: Object Default: {}
  • team Description: Name and email address of the translation team (ex: Team <>). Type: string Default: undefined
  • writeFile Description: Write pot-file to disk. The function always returns the contents as well. Type: boolean Default: true
  • ignoreTemplateNameHeader Description: Do not extract /* Template Name: String */ headers to POT file. Type: boolean Default: false



MIT © Rasmus Bengtsson